EWC web portal was the first mass media aimed at forming a positive image of a modern woman. Roman Kozlov, specialist in the sphere of marketing communications, dean of the Faculty of Advertising and PR of IGUMO, said a few words about the project. 

“We analysed the information realm before creating the portal and found out that there still were stereotypes about the role of women in different spheres of activities. We considered those attitudes outdated and understood that we had to change that situation”, remembers Roman. By that moment there was a lack of information about representation of women in different spheres, their initiatives, and support they gain from the government. The EWC portal was created to fill these gaps. 


The web site describes activity of women from all over the world in 12 main directions: economy, entrepreneurship, industry, science, international cooperation, culture, healthcare, active ageing, family, charity, ecology and agriculture, and politics. 


Roman Kozlov mentioned that the site became a powerful tool that allows forming the whole system of meanings. He explained that information flow is really big in the modern world. The information divides into directions. That means that it becomes a part of a certain system. Moreover, any fact has this or that connotation. The EWC journalists’ task is to give a right connotation to the information they provide. 


The site was created upon instructions from the working group of the Eurasian Women’s Forum. “initially it was planned that the news agency would highlight the topical events but be understood that it wouldn’t fix the main problem: to change the sense of self of women who conduct socially useful activity and society’s attitude to the role of women in the modern world. It was important for us not only to broadcast information, tell what women do but also motivate them, fill with energy, and show that they can gain support”, said Roman. 

According to Roman Kozlov, the psychologists of the EWC news agency mention that the information must inspire ‘self-optimism’ in women. It means that a person not only believes in bright future but also understands his or her role in the society, works out the trajectory of self-development, and achieves the goals by finding the motivation and inspiration in him- or herself. 


The expert calls the direction chosen by the news agency of the EWC Motivational Journalism because the main task of the portal is to show women the whole variety of opportunities for their social realisation. Nowadays women achieve great success in science, entrepreneurship, politics, public activity, and other spheres. They inspire the surrounding people. That is why we need to tell about such active and persevering women. 

The news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community actively participates in highlighting the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum. The event will take place in September in St. Petersburg. However, its work never stops. Therefore, it is important that Forum’s participants share their ideas, successful practices, energy, and thoughts. It allows making their work more productive and contributes to achieving the common goal. The journalists of the EWC will interview many women and tell the world about their activities and projects. 

Besides, there will be an online translation from the main grounds of the Forum. Follow the news in order not to miss the most interesting things! 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin