On November 17, deputy chairperson of the Federation Council of Russian Federation Galina Karelova, senator Lilia Gumerova and chairperson of the charity fund Marhamat Gulshat Khamitova visited Centre of Child Development for Children with Disabilities within the framework of Women’s Dialogue. Infinity Charity. Team of the charity organization arranged an excursion to the whole world of kindness, happiness and creativity. Teachers not only help children develop there, but also educe hidden talents of their pupils. 

“Initially we wanted to start a hobby club for disabled children. We wanted to entertain them, but there came seriously ill children who needed special correctional work. So our centre appeared. We have achieved great results over year. Children, with which teachers denied to work in common schools, started to sing, dance and learn poetry”, says Aigul Gareeva, President of charity fund Marhamat. 


It is wonderful that a story about such difficult work that requires a lot of physical and moral power was so easy and positive. Moreover, Aigul’s eyes sparkled with joy and tenderness. The source of this lightness soon appeared – the pupils of the centre came on stage and surprised everybody with their music and dance acts. 

“When parents bring ordinary children to musical schools, not all of the pupils become musicians. However, mothers and fathers want their children to have a good time, learn something new. We also don’t know what our pupils will be doing in their lives, but we hope they will be good people”, - these words of linklady were the keynote of the event. 


Both those who performed on the stage and those who applauded in the stalls really made people smile, gave a positive vive. Pupils also have a success in the sphere of art. For example, Katya Ignatieva, a young violinist, became a second degree laureate in the competition of instrument performance Musical Mosaic, Kamilla Khabibullina became winner of all-Russian creative competition Mother Gave the World and international creative competition Autumn Moments. Moreover, Kamilla achieved great results in sport and won swimming competition of children with special needs in Republic Bashkortostan. Alena Simonova is so talented vocally that she sings on music venues of the city. It was Alena’s song We All Are Just Children that concluded the event and caused the strongest feelings of guests. 


Galina Karelova thanked children and said warm words: “We saw that you are real artists and you cause smiles and kindness. Never forget that there are happiness, joy, luck and they are always around you.” 

The centre also organizes leisure for parents. While children are at lessons, their mothers create ‘woolen masterpieces’. According to family psychologist, creation unites mothers, lets them develop fine motor skills and imagination. Moreover, while working with psychologist parents can ask question they are interested in and try to find their solution. 


The kindness of centre’s teachers and leaders is unlimited. It is everywhere: in words they pronounce, in attention to their pupils, care about the whole world. 

Charity fund Marhamat manages several projects beside Centre: programme Line of Heart that is aimed at aid package for children in need (payment for expensive surgeries, sanatorium-resort treatment), programme Family Ambience that helps orphans who are in difficult life situation. 


There can’t be too many kind deeds in our life, that is why Aigul Gareeva made her and other women charity organizations’ dream come true by realising the idea of International Forum Women’s Dialogue. Infinity Charity. 

Yekaterina Kudryavtseva, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community 

Translated by Yan Zarubin