Female Volunteers: Partnership for Growth

Female Volunteers: Partnership for Growth

About the project of the Council of the Eurasian Women’s Forum 

In 90% of cases, volunteer projects develop due to women’s active involvement. Kindness, care, and grant aid are an integral part of their lives. A separate project of the Council of the Eurasian Women’s Forum is dedicated to the issue of development of women’s volunteering. Lyubov Glebova, supervisor of the project, shared some details about it. 

Lyubov Glebova - First Deputy Chair of the Federation Council Committee on the Rules of Procedure and Parliamentary Governance 

2018 was named the Year of Volunteer. It gave a great impetus to development of volunteer movement in our country. Topic of voluntarism was widely covered at many discussion platforms. The Eurasian women’s Forum became one of them. The idea of creation Female Volunteers: Partnership for Growth project was born after the closure of that event.

Глебова_2.jpg Глебова_3.jpg Глебова_4.jpg Глебова_5.jpg Глебова_6.jpg
Глебова_2.jpg Глебова_3.jpg Глебова_4.jpg Глебова_5.jpg Глебова_6.jpg

The Federation Council is a platform for dialogue between authorities, society, social organisations, and business structures. According to Lyubov Glebova, such a communication is an effective mechanism of strengthening of civil society. Development of the volunteer movement is impossible without it. 

The Interim Commission for Improvement of Legal Regulation of Control and Oversight Activities was created on the basis of the Federation Council. “During our work, we managed to include women’s issues into programmes supporting civil initiatives and regional grant programmes”, mentioned Lyubov Glebova. 

Nowadays we need to show women’s activity in the non-commercial sphere to the whole world, demonstrate the coherence of positions and actions in the sphere of achieving the goals of sustainable development using civil and social opportunities. According to the senator, the Federation Council could become a permanent platform for showing results of women’s activities in the sphere of development of volunteer movement. There, leaders of the volunteer organisations would be able to have a dialogue with authorities and business. 

“Associations of women entrepreneurs are already uniting around us. They are doing an important activity related to a clear legislative definition of difference between voluntary civil activity and social entrepreneurship”, added the senator. 

Contribution to development of women’s volunteer movement will be the main target of the new project. A set of measures aimed at promotion of projects involving women volunteers will be realised. Results of that activity will be shown at international platforms. Lyubov Glebova hopes that the project will not only attract women volunteers but also inspire people without experience of volunteerism. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin