Formation of the New Culture of Communication

Formation of the New Culture of Communication

Meeting of the Organising Committee of Peace 50 in Moscow

Moscow hosted a meeting that became the continuation of the dialogue started at the Summer Peace Summit in Belgium. A new community called Peace 50 was formed during that event. Women from different countries united their hearts for the sake of preservation and development of peace. Every participant achieved success in a certain field of activity and became a role model and a source of inspiration for people around. Today, the participants of the Summer Peace Summit keep on communicating, exchanging their ideas and experience thus expanding the scope of horizontal communication necessary to preserve peace. 

The Summer Peace Summit’s feature is that this event continued gaining momentum even after its end. It was important for the event’s organisers to retain their contact with the participants. The team of the news agency wrote more than 30 articles about that event and planned further series of publications. Women from different countries have already shown their interest to the project. 


The meeting of the Organising Committee of Peace 50 in Moscow continued the dialogue about development and preservation of peace. Participants discussed first achievements of the community, formulated its main goals and tasks, and outlined the direction of its activity. 

Peace 50 participants who are jointly implementing social projects already have friendship and business bonds. Creation of a new culture of communication, the main values of which are equality, mutual respect, love, and unity became the next phase of such a communication. 


Participants of the meeting concluded that all members of the Peace 50 community must be united by such traits as harmony in their minds, aspiration to create, ant the ability to love unconditionally and respect people around. 

Our planet is our common home. The task of people is to preserve it, not to watch how it changes for the worse. Women are have a natural skill to deeply feel and understand people around in addition to their desire to create. 


All people are different, however, there are common human values uniting residents of different countries and continents. When people start to interact on the basis of these values, they harmoniously supplement one another thanks to their diversity. 

People must communicate more, learn to understand and listen to one another. 

Another important value put in the basis of the Peace 50 community is the ability to sincerely and unconditionally love people around and the world. It is important that people learn to unite their hearts and minds. Participants of the community believe that disputes and wars in the world will stop when people become intelligent and loving at the same time. 


Today, it is important to develop women’s people-to-people diplomacy. Women have huge potential and mighty ‘soft power’. It is necessary to use them to strengthen peace. 

Ludmila Stangl, one of the participants of the meeting of the Peace 50 Organising Committee in Moscow, sincerely believes in that. Women naturally tend to peacekeeping activities. It is important for them to create and preserve peaceful harmony, tranquility, and comfortable atmosphere. All their projects including entrepreneurial ones are focused on that. 

Women’s initiative on Peace 50 creation helped unite a number of kind projects and focus ‘soft power’. 


Communication of Peace 50 participants regularly continues in offline and online regimes. Every woman has her experience, knowledge, point of view, and a set of business contacts that she is ready to share with people around. By meeting, women from different countries and fields of activity having common values generate new ideas, exchange useful information, and supplement one another by their uniqueness. 

“Such meetings and projects help us find one another. We jointly ‘create needlepoint’, and every one of us supplements it with her unique pattern. Only together we can have a harmonious and beautiful result”, emphasizes Ludmila Stangl. 


“Our mission is to contribute to the development of peacekeeping, show the planet that women want and can live in peace. We create the model of horizontal communication that can be the basis of relations between countries”, she concluded. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community 

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov