Anna Reznichenko shares about how to combine the images of a successful business lady and a happy woman 

Anna Reznichenko is the President of the SKOLKOVO Alumni Community. She actively develops her own project and helps beginners in entrepreneurship implement their projects. Ms. Reznichenko is a role model for women around who inspires them to be not only successful but happy as well. In her opinion, in order to do so, it is necessary to follow ‘the rule of four components’. 

Ikigai or the Japanese Approach to the Meaning of Life 

Ms. Reznichenko believes that 4 basic ‘ikigai’ principles must be concerned when implementing any project. They are the following: do what you enjoy; do what you are good at; do what brings you money; do what is useful to people around. When a person finds a business that combines the four components mentioned his or her project makes great success. Moreover, understanding their value to society women can become actually happy. Ms. Reznichenko herself seeks to maintain the balance between the four components. 

Anna Reznichenko has considerable experience in business. For many years already, she has been successfully developing ANS-Lingua translation agency. Today, she is actively working on her new project, which is creation of a web-platform for translators called BeLingua. It will allow employers to find translators and interpreters, contact them directly and give them tasks, which minimizes the amount of time spent for finding specialists. In addition, clients will be able to assess skills and abilities of linguists by watching their video resumes and listening to how they speak foreign languages. Translators and interpreters, in their turn, will receive a regular flow of orders and a guarantee of their labour being paid. 

Ms. Reznichenko finds his project extremely important. She herself received her first education at the Moscow State Linguistic University. She wants to make the lives of translators and interpreters and those whom they serve easier, safer, and more comfortable. 

First Woman President 

Anna Reznichenko was the head of the SKOLKOVO Women Association for a long time. She was a mentor and a role model for its participants, graduates of the SKOLKOVO business school. 

After her graduation from the Startup Academy at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, Ms. Reznichenko had a desire to help beginners in entrepreneurship. Then she decided to try herself in community work. She entered the SKOLKOVO Alumni Community and worked in the field of helping women entrepreneurs. Later she headed the SKOLKOVO Women Association. 

“Now I’m watching how by means of performing at different events I motivate other women to take new steps in life. This is very valuable to me. When I see gratitude of women, I myself charge with energy. This positively affects my business. This is an amazing feeling when you find your value in life: doing something important and useful for other people, not only for yourself”. 

Ms. Reznichenko achieved much as the head of the SKOLKOVO Women Association. This May, she was elected the first woman president of the SKOLKOVO Alumni Community. Becoming the leader of a business community where 70% of members are men who own and run businesses is a great confidence given to her. We extend our warmest congratulations and wish every success to Ms. Reznichenko. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov