From one forum to another

From one forum to another

Galina Karelova speaks about significant projects for women

Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Galina Karelova held a briefing on the starting day of the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum. She answered questions from the media about the event and stressed that a large number of significant projects were created and implemented in the period between the first and second forums.

Galina Karelova devoted special attention to the Global Rus Trade global e-commerce platform. She stressed that such projects involving consolidation and coordination create new opportunities for business development and help female entrepreneurs to find useful contacts and attain a new level in their work.

Another important initiative was the creation of the Eurasian Women’s Community internet portal. Karelova pointed out that the project was developed after the First Eurasian Women’s Forum. During that Forum, Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko gave instructions to create a register of women’s non-profit organizations operating in Russia. Such a register was formed on the Eurasian Women’s Community internet portal.

The website has evolved and is now a platform that contains women’s success stories and materials about projects that aim to support women’s initiatives. The team of the Eurasian Women’s Community Information Agency is involved in covering the Second EWF.

Karelova said it is no coincidence that one of the event’s platforms will be devoted to the theme ‘The Role of the Media in Shaping the Modern Image of Women’s Leadership: Information for Peace and Sustainable Development’. The senator said she is convinced that the positive image of Russia overall in the eyes of foreign leaders of the women’s movement largely consists of impressions of the women living in the country, their desire for constructive dialogue, and the search for ways to peacefully settle differences.

During the briefing, Karelova also spoke about how the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum differs from the first one. This year, she said, the event will be attended by representatives of more than 120 countries compared with delegations from 80 countries in 2015. In addition, there will be more discussion platforms as well as new interactive formats. A number of international agreements will be signed during the second forum. In particular, Karelova highlighted the Forum’s youth platforms.

Answering a question from the media, Karelova said that a document would be adopted following the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum to highlight the most important focuses and determine priorities for coming years.