Several days ago, President Vladimir Putin delivered the Address to the Federal Assembly. 

More than a thousand guests gathered at the Moscow Manezh to witness this event. As stated by Dmitry Peskov, Press Secretary for the President of Russia, this place was chosen not only due to the number of people invited but also due to the capability to present a number of new technologies. 

“Citizens of Russia, members of the Federation Council and State Duma, today’s Address is a very special landmark event, just as the times we are living in, when the choices we make and every step we take are set to shape the future of our country for decades to come”, started Vladimir Putin. 

According to the President, the status of a country at the global arena is determined not only by the reserves of natural resources, but also by the creative potential of people. In this regard, it is extremely important to create all conditions needed to uncover and develop this potential. 


To achieve that, much freedom is required alongside with highly qualified teachers and educators. It is very important that the President is paying more attention to such issues. 

It is remarkable that the demographic policy showed serious positive results. For example, the maternity capital programme was expanded. Now targeted payments are paid at the birth of the first, second, and third child. Programs for the renovation of children's medical institutions were launched. Any mother first needs to be confident in the future of her children. Benefits paid on time alongside with quality medical care can ensure this confidence. 


According to the President, schools must keep up with the times. He proposed launching a project called Ticket to the Future aimed at helping schoolchildren in choosing profession. 

“We must help every child discover his or her talent and help them realise their potential”, commented Vladimir Putin. 


The President stressed the necessity to educate children since their early childhood for them to be ready for changes, teamwork, and creative activity. 

Modern education must be accessible to every child. This is not only the matter of ensuring social justice, but also that of guaranteeing the development of our country, our society. 


According to Vladimir Putin, Russian young people have proved their leadership in science. A good example here is the fact how many schoolchildren won academic competitions. Over the past year, they managed to win 38 medals at international competitions. 

The President proposed to create the most comfortable conditions for foreign students by simplifying the procedure for obtaining citizenship. After putting that into practice, talented foreign students will be able to stay and have a job in Russia. 

President Putin touched upon the problems of economy, business, housing affordability, and healthcare. He also shared about projects aimed at supporting the older generation. 


The most outstanding part of the event was the demonstration of the newest weapons of the Russian army. 

Certainly, most people on Earth, especially women, do not want war. However, sometimes the situation develops in such a way that one has to demonstrate one's strength so that the opponents lose their desire to get involved in a conflict. At the same time, Vladimir Putin stresses that Russia has always been and remains committed to peaceful negotiations. 

Everyone wants peace in their home, city, country. The development of the military industry, adequate to the challenges of the times, secures the protection of people and provides them with confidence and trust to their country. 

The Eurasian Women’s Community took special attention to the President’s Address. After listening to it, we became convinced that Vladimir Putin marked important and socially significant problems. The problems still exist in the fields of employment and housing, the healthcare system is to be improved as well. We will surely cope with all the challenges, because the indifferent attitude towards our own country is the key to Russia’s successful development. 

It was also important to hear the President’s words about the importance of international cooperation alongside with the growth of mutual understanding between countries and their individual representatives. This is one of our basic tasks of the EWC web-portal and the forthcoming Second Eurasian Women’s Forum. The Forum’s topic is 'Women for Global Security and Sustainable Development'. It is important that more people from all over the world are involved in the constructive dialogue. Working together, we will overcome the most acute problems of today and achieve peace and well-being in every country and on Earth as a whole. 

Anna Maslova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov