G(irls)20 Summit is a global conference for girls aged 18-23, to coincide with G20 meetings. Participating in such forums, young women discuss serious issues, sign communiques and influence solving important issues in various countries. 

On October 18, Argentina will host the 9th annual G(irls)20 Summit. Young women from all over the world will visit Buenos Aires to participate in leadership trainings and the programme for social enterprises development. They will also discuss ways to solve economic and social problems that women face in different countries. Registration is already available. Advanced English is compulsory. 

Agenda of this year’s Summit will include issues of gender equality and assisting women’s economic empowerment. The topic of educating the next generation of women leaders will also be of high importance. The other topics of Summit’s discussion concern digital technologies, finance, labour activity, and agricultural activity. Women participants will be involved in various seminars, workshops, and discussions with local and international experts. At the end, they will develop a communique, which will present recommendations and suggestions on solving economic and social issues of women in different countries. 

G(irls)20 global summits greatly influence women empowerment and women’s participation in global decision-making. 

Please, submit your application for participation before April 6. 

Qualifications of applicants: 

Participation is open to young women aged 18-23 (born from 1995 to 2001), who are citizens of G20 countries, EU/AU, Afganistan, Pakistan, MENA countries or Russia. Mastery of English and possession of a foreign passport with valid visa are compulsory. It is essential for women participants to be interested in women’s economic empowerment and have the opportunity of launching a project in their own countries after the conference ends. One more condition that is crucial is participants’ consent to work with media. 

How to apply for participation? 

1. Read and sign the letter of commitment. 

2. Fill in the summit application. 

3. Attach a letter of reference written by the board of educational institution or organisation, which knows the candidate at least for 1 year. 

4. Provide the following documentation: 

- a high-resolution headshot; 

- scanned copy of a passport (if you have no passport, you can provide a copy of a public document , which will confirm your age, for example, your birth certificate). 

G(irls)20 official website: 

Summit’s page: 

Translated by Nikolay Boykov