Skolkovo Innovation Centre hosted the international conference Intellectual Property in the New Technological Order. In terms of this event scientists, representatives of patent offices, and experts in intellectual property from different countries exchanged their experience and positive practices and discussed digitalisation and technocracisation influencing intellectual property. Lubov Kiriy, Deputy Director General of Federal Service of Intellectual Property, talked with the EWC journalists about the activity of Russia’s patent office. 

The speaker believes that the protection of intellectual rights in the modern world plays the most important role. It allows encouraging the authors of creative products and returning them the funds spent on production. In addition, patent holders can invest in the creation of new facilities and thereby contribute to technical progress and development of the country. 


Moreover, the patent system provides the society with structured qualitative information about new technological developments. It is useful both for testing new technical solutions and for assessing them. 

“In today’s world the amount of information grows at an incredible speed. It is necessary to process and structurize it. Our information system is updated every year. To find out the novelty of this or that invention, we need to take into account all the accomplishments of the world. That is why it is important to put data from all countries into this system. The task of the patient office is to deal with this amount of information. Thus, intellectual property sector has a significant social role. It provides society with structured information in an accessible form”, said Lubov Kiriy. 


The interviewee shared about a new project, which is in active development now. The project will allow transferring functions for information search and preliminary assessment of the patentability to scientific institutions. According to the speaker, today the system of the patent office in Russia includes several components. For example, Rospatent is the central body including officials who take decisions on granting or denying a patent on the basis of the opinion of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property’s experts. The patent office system also includes the Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property responsible for preparing highly qualified personnel. 


Lubov Kiriy noted that the quantity of inventions is different depending on the industry they belong to. Due to this fact, the number of applications received from industries is also different. According to the speaker, highly specialized professional is needed to provide better and quicker analysis. Nevertheless, it is almost impossible to predict the approximate number of applications received from each particular industry. In addition, the state can’t constantly change the number of experts. However, as stressed by the speaker, it could attract specialists from the scientific field if necessary. 

Today, the patent office actively cooperates with the Russian Academy of Sciences. According to the interviewee, in case the patent office doubts a certain application, the office consults to RAS. The Academy invites a specialist who conducts an analysis and formulates his opinion on the subject. The opinion is considered at the Federal Institute of Industrial Property when preparing an expert report. This approach proved useful and effective. The aim of new project is finding organisations that could serve as an alternative to the Federal Institute of Industrial Property. In this case, the system of reviewing patent applications will operate much quicker. 


The organisations patent office will work with must meet a number of requirements. Their personnel must be highly qualified and undergo special training on carrying out the expertise. In addition, the organisation must be equipped with modern computer database to be linked to information resources. After the list of organisations working with the patent office being formed, the applicant will have the opportunity to choose one of them to conduct the expertise. The expert report will become the basis for the decision taken by Rospatent. 

According to Lubov Kiriy, such system will provide the applicant with an opportunity to choose. The competition between those organisations will contribute to the increase in quality of analyses. In addition, it is important that the interaction of the patent office with other organisation will improve timelines for review of applications. As stated by the speaker, Russia is already the leader in time required for review of applications. The expertise takes only 9 months in Russia and about 3 years in the USA. The new system described by Lubov Kiriy will shorten this period up to several days! No patent office in the world can review an application in this time frame yet. 

According to Lubov Kiriy, Russia’s patent office has many women employees. Women comprise 75% of experts of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property. If speaking about technical area, 70% of workers there are women. They deal with work related to patenting of inventions, utility models, and industrial designs alongside with expert technologies requiring special knowledge. The speaker believes that women approach any business scrupulously and responsibly. Searching and analyzing information requires being attentive and patient. That is why women cope will with such work. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov