InStyle editor-in-chief told us about glossy journalism. 

Ballet dancers demonstrate beauty and grace which is achieved within hours of hard work. Oftentimes we do not understand the pressure behind dancer’s movements. The same goes for the glossy journalism. On the cover and inside the magazine we see photos of young and beautiful people with perfect skin standing in graceful poses. It looks like anyone could create a fashion magazine. That is, however, false. Such work requires professionalism. 

Yurate Gurauskaite, editor-in-chief of Russian InStyle gave us an interview. 


According to her, “Gloss is an environment. On the one hand, we show brilliancy, luxuriance and aesthetics. On the other hand, we help people acquire harmony. Gloss helps people to get oriented in fashion. We help women in becoming stylish and changing their image to the better”. 

Russian InStyle has been published for 12 years. Its main feature is presenting fashion through celebrities. Yurate supposes, that people tend to trust them more than models. Readers sympathise with celebrities as with their own families. 

The journal is Russian-oriented, so the stars should be recognizable in Russia. There was no such notion as star in the USSR; however, the stars themselves existed. Numerous famous people abstract themselves from glossy magazines. They consider them of poor quality. That makes it hard to do glossy journalism. It is also not that easy to work with celebrities, as they always consider themselves right, be it choice of clothes or anything else. A photo session can sometimes last for 12 hours. Yurate thinks, that “Russian gloss is unusual. Fashion in our country was uncommon for many years. It was improper to look beautiful or noticeable. Glossy magazines change public opinion on fashion. They inspire people to work on themselves”. 


As commonly cited, fashion magazines present the luxuriance of life. However, one should not only look on the outer side. The true value lies within. Yurate wants to create a special issue of InStyle telling about women who are not so famous. People who fulfil themselves greatly and make our world better are always beautiful inside. Among them are plenty of spectacular women and the world needs to know about them.

The Eurasian Women’s Community will help Yurate create a publication on women-professionals. It is very likely to come out by the second Eurasian Women’s Forum in 2018. She thinks, that “there are many strong women who deserve being heard. It is also important for them to feel unique and beautiful. It is very important to feel free”. 

Regardless of what path woman chooses, she is still a woman. Nowadays, the freedom of choice is what defines a person. Modern society gives women an opportunity to fulfil themselves in any sphere. It is only important to understand what you want to achieve. The sense of completion helps people develop, share their experience with each other and make everyone around happy. 

Agata Korovina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov