Marguerite Matilda Pindling is the current Governor-General of the Bahamas. She has been in this position since 2014. Now she is 85 years old, she is one of the oldest current heads of state and government. 

Those who communicated with Marguerite Pindling know that she has a natural a natural way of putting people at ease. She is always sociable, friendly and responsive. 

Childhood and Youth 

The Governor-General was born in a small settlement in South Andros, one of the largest islands of the Bahamas. She often decribes herself as ‘just a barefoot girl from Andros’. She is proud of her being a Bahamian. 

In her youth Marguerite Pindling enjoyed photography and worked as an assistant of photographer Stanley Toogood and then of Colyn Rees. 

Main Achievement in Politics 

Thanks to Marguerite Pindling and her husband Linden Pindling (he was the Governor-General at that moment) on July 10 in 1973 the country achieved its independence from the UK. 

Marguerite Pindling loves her homeland very much and works hard to preserve its uniqueness. 

“We must fully commit ourselves to maintain this precious land as a free and Independent nation where we live together in love and unity”, she claimed. 


She is a famous philanthropist and a member of many charity organizations. She actively supports people with disabilities. She personally solicited funds for children’s emergency hostel Ranfurly Homes for Children and organization Abilities Unlimited and took part in fund-raising efforts. 

In 2007 she received she met Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and was knighted a Dame Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George for her community service and work in charity and politics. In 2014, she visited Buckingham Palace, was granted with another title, and after that was known as a Dame Grand Cross of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George. 

Cultural Life 

Marguerite Pindling is sure that all people need spiritual development. That is why she supports the Bahamas National Youth Choir. She considers the Choir a cornerstone of Bahamian cultural achievement and a source of inspiration. She attended its first concerts. Marguerite and her late husband were its first patrons. 

In 2015, the Bahamas National Youth Choir celebrated its 25th anniversary. The Choir is the recipient of numerous international awards. In fact, it performed for many Heads of State, among which were Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the late Nelson Mandela. 

Family and Hobbies 

Marguerite Pindling has a large family. She has two daughters, two sons and six grandchildren, and is very proud of them. The Governor-General is a member of St. Agnes Anglican Church. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and gardening. 

Nikolay Gavrilov, Agata Korovina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov