Helena Elange: “Clothes as a Means to Achieve the Goal”

Helena Elange: “Clothes as a Means to Achieve the Goal”

On the importance to learn the language of style

How often do you tell other people about what you feel and think? You do it everyday without noticing it. Helena Elange founded a fashion house in order to help women find their own style, teach them express their inner state and feelings by means of clothes and properly present themselves. The image-maker believes that clothes are an effective tool in pursuing one’s goal.

Helena Elange - founder of a fashion house, image-maker

People can make a conclusion about a person during the first 10-15 seconds of communication on the basis of his or her appearance. Clothes can help you understand who your interlocutor is, how interesting he or she is, and what layer of society he belongs to.


“Clothes are just the things we cover our body with. However, colour is our mood and style is we ourselves”, believes Helena Elange.

About 18 years ago, Ms. Elange decided to create her own fashion house to help other women find themselves, change their worldview and attitude to themselves. In modern world, people have to try on a number of roles. At the same time it is important not to lose oneself. That is why it is important to learn to be true to oneself.


“I often hear about the things that women do not like in themselves. However, it is important not to forget about the opposite thing: to always notice something good. It is useful to start your day by answering the question what you like in yourself”, she recommends.

Ms. Elange sets herself with a task to teach women to express their inner world by means of their appearance. The expert is convinced that this will make their lives easier and more interesting and help them identify themselves in society.


“Every person is a whole world. We are created in order that one world supplements another one. This makes us happy and helps us successfully fulfil our potential. By means of clothes we not only find ourselves but also transmit certain signals to other people”, explains Helena Elange.

Today, Ms. Elange’s company is registered not only in Russia but also in 12 countries.


In her creativity, Helena Elange also paid attention to creation of men’s and children’s clothes. In 2008, she released Russia’s first ‘Mommy-Daughter’ collection that consisted of identical clothes for all the family.

“Such clothes unite. By means of this peculiar game, parents and children become closer to each other. It is important because family, in the first turn, is a unity”, she emphasizes.

Today, the fashion house focuses on production of women’s clothes available in limited numbers. According to Ms. Elange, it is important that women feel unique and unrepeatable. Despite modest amount of production, all the clothes are diverse in order every woman could find her own style.

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Эланж10.jpg Эланж7.jpg Эланж8.jpg Эланж11.jpg Эланж12.jpg Эланж13.jpg Эланж14.jpg Эланж15.jpg Эланж16.jpg Эланж17.jpg Эланж18.jpg Эланж19.jpg

“Absolutely all colours suit people. A colour is a certain energy that we feel and want to share with people around. Oftentimes, we chose a certain clothing item without thinking. Our subconsciousness makes that choice instead of us. That is the language of style that people gradually learn”, she shares.

Ms. Elange often wears black and white clothes when attending forums and other business events. She explains that black colour ‘absorbs’ and white colour, in its turn, ‘gives’. By choosing those colours, Helena Elange expresses in the language of style that she is ready to exchange useful information, experience, and thoughts with other people.

“Style is a science. One should learn to feel and understand oneself in order to master it. Don’t think about other people’s reaction to your appearance. They perceive only your confidence of uncertainty. The way how you feel depends much on your clothes”, explains the expert.

Helena Elange regularly conducts workshops where she tells women about how to become confident and not to hesitate in one’s abilities, teaches them the language of style, the choice of clothing colours, and shares advice about how to invest in oneself profitably. 

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Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov