Do you think pensioners do not get along with gadgets very well? Do you believe that aged women selling their wares near metro stations do not make success? Are elderly people’s lives a slow daily routine? This article is about a person who completely changed the picture of old age. 

Lubov Levina has published a manual ‘Computers for Senior Dummies’ teaching people of her age to use a computer. She wrote a book about business on the net and paved the way for other elderly people to the internet as a way to earn. In addition, she is the founder of the Club of Aged Businesswomen. This project is aimed at adaptation of elderly people to life in modern society. It helps them keep up with the times, be healthy, and live full and colourful lives. 

Ms. Levina has three educations and four confirmations of the highest teaching category. She regularly attended advanced training courses. However, she didn’t find that enough and when her calm life in retirement bored her, decided to take part in business couching. 

“It was for people aged up to 27. I was 59 years old at that moment. I asked them to take me and they did that to check how well I would cope with their course”, she said. 

During the first lesson, Lubov Levina understood very few despite it was in Russian. Computer slang was a big challenge for her despite her technical education and many years of working with computing machines. Then she decided to write a manual ‘for dummies’ to make that information understandable and useful to the people of her age. 


She read textbooks and took lessons from a radio engineer, who explained her how to perform simple operations with computers. After the lessons, Ms. Levina described in detail every click she made. For example, she devoted three pages of her manual to creating a folder on the desktop. Proofreaders even left some technical mistakes in the book so that readers could understand that a dummy wrote it. 

The manual grew extremely popular not only in Russia, but also in Australia, Germany, and Israel. The author presented it in Samara in terms of the ‘Silver Age’ Alliance. Then a journalist from the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper interviewed her and wrote an article about her. After that, the AST publishing company called her and now it publishes her book. However, this book was initially presented at the meeting of the Club of Aged Businesswomen, a community of elderly persons assisting each other, making business on the net, and helping people of their age keep up with the times. 


Ms. Levina shared about the club’s story too. Once she was advised not to go in for business but to organise meetings of some elderly persons. She did that taking into consideration that those elderly persons were modern ones and had big potential to realise. Initially, the club was something similar to a hobby and had only three members: an engineer, a child psychologist and a film director. However, it became more than just a hobby over time. Today, over 50 elderly businesswomen organise on-site training courses, contribute to hippotherapy centre, read books aloud for blind people in libraries, develop fine motor skills by means of bead weaving, and learn to do business on the net. The Club of Aged Businesswomen is the embodiment of their energy and knowledge. It gives them the opportunity to put into practice everything they were putting off. For example, the club members can master singing or playing guitar, start a business, and become famous. At the same time, this is a good chance for them to earn.   

By the way, Lubov Levina described the ways to earn more and save money in another manual called ‘Business for Senior Dummies’. Her idea is that the internet provides opportunities for self-development and starting businesses. Pensioners are completely independent on the net. There they can make profit of their knowledge and experience. Ms. Levina founded an online store called ‘LuBanya’ selling bath besoms. Other elderly businesswomen sell pillows, socks, seeds and young plants, beads made products, and mixer taps. 


It took the club members 2 years to master computers. They studied psychology at the same time and that helped them confide in one another. The elderly people started developing a programme ‘Anti-Sclerosis Pill’. They wrote a book describing how to improve one’s memory and keep up with the modern tempo of life. The foreword says that “this book is for those who are not afraid to admit they are ‘senior dummies’, for those who are ready to overcome their pride and fears and to move forward”. 

Ms. Levina wants to live a full colourful life. She never gives up in front of challenges and always moves forward. For example, today she designs an online workshop for her web site. She believes the main thing in every woman’s life is love. “Love and be loved. Women fade without love”, she said. 

Valentina Matvienko, Chairperson of the Federation Council, invited all members of the Club of Aged Businesswomen to the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum. The Forum will take place in Saint Petersburg on September 20-21, 2018. 

Marina Kachkalova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov