“I Dedicated My Life to Serving People”

“I Dedicated My Life to Serving People”

Marissa del Mar about how she helps Overseas Filipino Workers 

There is a stereotype that journalists are ‘journalistic sharks’ having no principles and focusing only on criticising people and exposing facts. However, Marissa del Mar, host of a TV programme from Philippines, talks not only about problems existing in the society. It is important for her to be really useful to people around her and to help the needy. 

Marissa Platon Magsino (del Mar) - Philippine host of a TV programme, broadcasted in 10 countries, Founder and Chairwoman of Anti- Trafficking OFW Movement (ATOM) 

Marissa del Mar is dreaming of a better world for her fellow countrypeople. She puts every effort in ensuring their healthy environment, economic development, and happy family life. Marissa del Mar believes that her activities define her as a human being. 

The journalist’s work is organised around Buhay OFW TV show. This is the longest running public service talk show, which talks about the plights of Overseas Filipino Workers whose numbers are tremendously increasing worldwide.


Marissa del Mar says that the main challenge of her work relates to a big number of difficult issues faced by Filipino workers who reside in another country. Problems of OFWs include separation with their families, fear for their lives and safety, and misunderstanding with their employer due to cultural differences. 

The journalist’s focus is not only on security and economic stability of her fellow citizens. Her main concern is human trafficking of Overseas Filipino Workers. To fight those problems, Marissa del Mar established ATOM (Anti-Trafficking OFW Movement). She is presiding the organisation and is a co-chair of Management Association of the Philippines (MAP) Women Empowerment Committee. 

During one of the press conferences, the journalist made a presentation and mentioned human trafficking being not only a serious violation of human rights, but also a lucrative business. According to Ms. del Mar, OFWs’ working conditions make them vulnerable for such crimes. 

Helping people in similar situations and care about their well-being is Ms. del Mar’s most important job. She manages it successfully. 

Our interlocutress confessed: “If I do not do what I believe in, I will never be truly happy in my life. I dedicated myself to serving people. My projects motivate me for further work, as it changes lives for the better”. 

Marissa del Mar’s advice to all the women who begin their journeys to success is to keep their feet on the ground, stay humble, and value loyal people. “Be open-minded and express your opinion when you believe that your ideas will help others become more humane. There is always power, healing, and hope in spoken words.” 

Yulia Golovanova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov