In Society, There Is a Need to Do Good

In Society, There Is a Need to Do Good

Anna Tsivilyova on the activity of Guardianship Council of Kemerovo Oblast 

Anna Tsivilyova is a head of a large holding, which is Kolmar coal mining company in Yakutia, Russia. Public activity plays an important role in her life. Being a spouse of Kemerovo Oblast governor, she established and presided over a regional Guardianship Council of Kemerovo Oblast specialising in solving social problems. 

Our heroine shared: “Social issues are acute in various regions, especially remote ones. Besides, society now has a high demand for both receiving and providing help.” Public service is especially important for Ms. Tsivilyova, who is an active citizen and an entrepreneur. 

Anna Tsivilyova is sure: one can invest much money in business, but it will all be gone without the moral part. 

It is essential that people know how to help one another. That way, it will be possible to raise the living standard through joint effort. 

The main task of the Guardianship Council is to help people who found themselves in difficult situations. 


Today, the Council has a long list of kindhearted initiatives, as it has provided financial and organisational assistance for a number of establishments and physical persons. 

Recently, Kemerovo Oblast held a charity auction gathering many philanthropists of the region. The tender featured paintings by local artists. The Guardianship Council managed to raise over 13 million roubles to help those in need. The money was allocated among various organisations: music and art schools in rural areas and orphanages. Several physical persons also received help. 

Anna Tsivilyova shared: “Firstly, we planned to support two establishments. However, we got an enormous feedback from socially responsible citizens and raised so much money we still keep expanding the lists of addressees, who will receive help.” 

Russia has many concerned people and Ms. Tsivilyova has often found that. She recalled a story about the Council presenting a video, where among the main characters was a boy fighting a serious illness. Later on, during a charity event, an ordinary citizen of Kemerovo Oblast approached Anna Tsivilyova. He told her that the video pushed his buttons and he decided to take care of that child himself. Such stories are the real victories for the Guardianship Council. 


The important feature is that the organisation is not a legal entity and has no account. 

All the financial help goes from sponsors and philanthropists directly to those in need. It was done in order to avoid distrust of supporters and society towards foundations accumulating capitals. 

Our heroine gives a lot of attention to women’s agenda. She is sure women play an important role in developing industrial regions like Kemerovo Oblast, as they make the half of Russia’s population. 

Therefore, The Guardianship Council supported by the Federation Council and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, will hold a large international forum called ‘Role of Women in Developing Industrial Regions’. The event will take place on March 1-2 in Novokuznetsk. 

The event will make an important part of the Third Eurasian Women’s Forum preparatory phase. The Forum in Novokuznetsk will be attended by Valentina Matvienko, Chairperson of the Federation Council, Galina Karelova, Deputy Chairperson of the Federation Council, ministers and deputy ministers of Russia, representatives of regional governments, heads of large industrial enterprises, and members of international organisations. Fatou Haidara, UNIDO Managing Director and Iris Dzeba, IBM Russia & CIS General Manager were also invited to participate in the event. 

The upcoming forum will touch upon the development of Russian industry, women’s entrepreneurship, equality within digitalisation, education, and female career guidance. The participants will discuss the most pressing problems of industrial regions, featuring health protection for working women, improving the environmental situation, regional tourism development, etc. A particular discussion platform will be dedicated to international cooperation. 

According to Anna Tsivilyova, it is essential to use women’s potential in all the spheres of activity, including industry. It is possible to solve various problems of society by supporting women in their social activity and creating well-paid working places for them. 

Our interlocutress mentioned: now it is important not only to promote female representation in decision-making, but also build proper communication and cooperation between sexes. Women have naturally enhanced intuition, flexibility, patience, and ability to handle stress. 

That is why they are able to help solving various global issues, reduce political tension, and bring people together by means of such important aspects as philanthropy, maternity, and kindheartedness.


Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov