On March 7, Samara hosted a meeting of Vladimir Putin with women entrepreneurs. Just before International Women’s Day, the topic of women’s participation in economy was extremely topical. The President of the Russian Federation stressed that the line between men’s and women’s professions was gradually disappearing. According to him, women still have some advantages. The President is confident that if combined with traits of character, their leadership skills make women much more effective than men. 

During the meeting, the president’s words were many times proved by success stories of women entrepreneurs present. Women more often realise their leadership potential in different fields of activity, occupying top positions in companies in such spheres, as healthcare, food production, modern technologies, national art crafts, and heavy industry. 


Businesswomen having started their activities at the end of the 20th century often link their success to the progress made by Russia over the past two decades. 

One of the women speaking with the President was Muslima Latypova, founder and director general of the network of supermarkets ‘Bakhetle’ selling homemade food. She said that Vladimir Putin had started running Russia in its difficult times, and that was the very time she had started her business. In fact, her business started in 1998 when Muslima Latypova had only one shop and about 100 employees. By now, the company’s staff amounts to about 4,500 people. The President said they both had done much good work. 

The dialogue illustrated the history of company similar to the history of Russia having made success in a short time. 


During the meeting, women entrepreneurs from different fields of economy discussed the existing social problems and proposed variants of their solution. 

Natalia Kasperskaya, CEO of InfoWatch Group, attracted the President’s attention to information security of adolescents on the net. According to her, promotion of positive information, including popularization of educational activities, development of the so-called quantoriums, and introduction of some media limitations are necessary to address the problem of cyber threats. 

The President thanked her for raising an important and relevant issue. He believes that independent initiatives by popular information and technology platforms will contribute greatly to solving the existing problem. 

President Putin voiced the idea similar to the concept of the EWC web-portal: media must assume part of the responsibility for forming positive trends in society. It is necessary to speak more about women in small business, share about their success stories, and support their activities in the information area. In this regard, we hope to see more positive-oriented media in the nearest future. 

The meeting comprised discussion of other topical issues. It covered creation of comfortable conditions for the development of entrepreneurial skills of women on maternity leave. In addition, There were repeated calls for supporting women’s business, because, despite the progress in this field, many women are still not ready to start their businesses. Revealing their talents in different fields, including modern technologies and machinery corporations, continue contributing to the fields close to them: education and culture. The expansion of Cinemood company promoting Russian fairy tales to international market is a good proof for that. Another bright example is Viktoria Shimanskaya’s project involving the introduction of a specialized school subject to help children in socialization and communication. 

There are many cases showing the desire of businesswomen to take part in Russia’s economic development. In fact, women amount to more than 50% of Russia’s population. The President expressed his readiness to support their initiatives. At the meeting, he referred to his Address to the Federal Assembly. Some of the ideas proposed during the meeting with President had already been included in the Address. Apparently, women are thinking in unison with the President on many issues. 

Sukhrob Sharipov, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov