Information for Peace and Sustainable Development

Information for Peace and Sustainable Development

Information has become one of major resources in the modern world. Not a single social transformation, nor political programme can be implemented without information flow management.

Women’s movement both in Russia and worldwide has been locked within an information vacuum for years. The media choose to set the agenda in traditional ways prioritizing sensations, conflicts and recently all the more – entertainment.


At the same time, social initiatives of women’s NGOs, important governmental decisions, changes in the legal environment, contemporary women’s success stories and achievements remain outside the information field.


Meanwhile, access to positive information – news, data, knowledge – is essential for every woman choosing the path to personal fulfilment. Showing her the opportunities of today’s world, encouraging her to have a proactive attitude – these goals aren’t faced by the media alone. These goals must be addressed by governments, NGOs and their leaders.

  • How to provide a contemporary woman with access to relevant information?

  • How to eliminate information-based inequality in a digital world?

  • How to make information flows work for peace?

These are the highlights of an open discussion titled Media in Shaping a Contemporary Image of Women’s Leadership: Information for Peace and Sustainable Development within the business program of the II Eurasian Women’s Forum.


The following speakers have confirmed their participation in the discussion: Tatiana Tchernigovskaya, neuroscientist, psycholinguist and expert in the theory of mind; Irina Urmina, supervisor of Museum and Exhibition group at RAS Archive, doctor of cultural studies; Arina Sharapova, TV presenter, public figure, president of the Artmediaobrazovanie group; Tatiana Vorozhtsova, Dean of the Journalism Department, The Institute for the Humanities and Information Technologies. The agenda is under development.

Roman Kozlov, information agency Eurasian Women’s Community