Intellectual lustre

Intellectual lustre

Style is not a word that always describes outer qualities. Style is a world outlook, world perception, and inner value system of a person. Those were thoughts of journalists of the Eurasian Women’s Community inspired by speaking to Olga Zonova (Duchess of Sansone), editor-in-chief of Style.

The edition postures itself as an ‘intellectual lustre’ of Siberia. “We stake on content of high quality, scan vision and values of people who really develop our city, country, and the whole world. These are the people we are telling about. That is why our magazine becomes a mini-institute where all readers can enlarge their knowledge, learn something morally important.” 


The heroes of publications are politicians, scientists, community workers, directors, actors, and representatives of other professions. The main thing is that they all are striving for making a better world. It is important to show the value system of a certain person in every article published in our magazine. Journalists of Style always formulate their questions in such a way that interviewee can think about that system. 

Our interlocutress said that all the content published in a magazine is always conformed to interviewee before coming into print. Besides, one of the most important tasks is to give readers a guide, an example: “It is important for me to show what light, good is, and encourage people to unite and go to that target.” 

Olga Zonova is sure, that one of the most important values is communication. That is why the magazine became a communication ground, which allows people to find useful contacts. The editor-in-chief of the magazine says: “We hold events regularly, invite people whom we know and respect, give them an opportunity to get acquainted with one another, and communicate. Very often, such contacts lead to a long-lasting seminal cooperation.” According to Olga, every person has a certain zone of responsibility, inborn and acquired skills and qualities that allow them complete that or another job. By combining efforts, people can complete truly global tasks. 

One can say for sure that Olga Zonova is the centre of such useful communications. She has been acquainted with ministers, members of Moscow Government and governors of Siberia. She enlarges this list every day. On a press conference in 2014 she asked Vladimir Putin about a style of his ruling. Moreover, she is the first Russian orthodox woman who shook the Pope’s hand and got an opportunity to talk with him. 


People trust Olga and her magazine. That is the reason why they are ready to cooperate. She achieved all this by great efforts and sincere desire to bring light to this world. As an editor, she stands for clean and positive newsmaking, as a communicator she tries to unite hearts, deeds and people. She is sure that we should know how to build connections, which help people complete their professional duty, their mission. 

It is interesting that Olga tries to tell people about important life values not only in her magazine. As a woman, she understands how important family values are for people. Olga and her husband Duke of Sansone appear together on every event: so she shows that family and spouse support is very important. 

Olga Zonova is a woman-leader, a role model for women. She is an energetic and vigorous woman; she sets a goal and is well on the way to it. At the same time, her goal is global. She knows for sure that all our thoughts are material, we can’t control the whole world but we can make a moral choice and always be in total awareness. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community 

Translated by Yan Zarubin