International Dialogue on the Pages of a Book

International Dialogue on the Pages of a Book

Book by EAWF Award Laureate is Released 

One of the stages leading up to the Eurasian Women’s Forum is the release of a book by EAWF Award Laureate Karin van Mourik ‘The Russian Translation’. The book went into print and has already started appearing on shelves. The author described her book in more detail and shared her emotions.

The Story of a Foreigner Who Fell in Love with Russia

Karin van Mourik was born in Freiburg im Breisgau. But her life has been closely intertwined with Russia for 41 years – there she is active socially, philanthropically, and as an entrepreneur. In her time working in Russia, Karin has seen a lot of events transpire, spoken to a lot of people, studied the local culture, lifestyle, and mentality, and lived through a wide variety of emotions and experiences. With the help of her co-author Natalia Barannikova described all of those things in the chapters of her book The Russian Translation.

“The goal of this book is to paint a broad, multifaceted picture of Russia, to show the country through the prism of my own experiences, my own point of view, and to refute or confirm existing stereotypes and prejudices,” explains Karin.

The Russian Translation will help people living in Germany see Russia in another light. Karin hopes that by telling her story, she’ll be able to evoke interest and affection towards the country in her compatriots. Moreover, Russians themselves will be able to see their country through the eyes of a German, see their everyday experiences from a new angle.

The book was written over the course of a year. Karin details the most interesting and colourful things that happened to her in Russia and shared her thoughts and experiences and Natalia transformed these stories into prose.

Bringing a Dream to Life

Karin arrived in Moscow on Monday, and on the way from the airport asked the driver to stop at a big bookstore. She knew that the book was published, but wasn’t certain whether it was already available in stores. Karin cautiously asked the woman at the counter if they had The Russian Translation in stock and, after checking the store database, the woman directed her to the section where she could find it.

“When I saw our book on store shelves, I was instantly overwhelmed. To hold the results of your intense efforts, something you put your entire soul into, in your hands is so amazing, it’s impossible to put those emotions into words. A book is a chance to share your thoughts with a large number of people. I hope that, with its help, I will have a positive effect on readers’ viewpoints, on their perception of Russia”.

Karin is grateful to the organisers of the Eurasian Women’s Forum and everyone who supported and helped her achieve her dreams by preparing this book. She noted that The Russian Translation is an example of women’s contribution to international dialogue. 

Anna Repina, Eurasian Women's Community News Agency