Photography is a one-of-a-kind language, which allows people from both different countries and different times understand one another. Irina Chmyreva, Candidate in History of Arts, Lead Researcher for Research Institute of Theory and History of Fine Arts of the Russian Academy of Arts, and the moderator of various photo exhibitions, told us more about that. 

One of our heroine’s main projects is PhotoVisa International Festival of Photography. It has been taking place in Krasnodar Krai, Russia every autumn for 10 years already. Irina Chmyreva is its artistic director. According to her, “PhotoVisa acts as the place where Russian photographers, artists, and journalists can cooperate with international photo community. It gives our authors an opportunity to integrate their work into global artistic and photographic space”. Through PhotoVisa, Russia first saw the photos from Argentina and Australia alongside contemporary works from South Africa. What is more, the Festival is the full-scale education platform working for both authors and the audience. The event annually holds unrivaled workshops interesting for both Russian and international public. 


Irina is sure, that regional events of such scale partly help young people unleash their potential without moving to Moscow. That way, they begin to see Russia as a big country with multiple cultural centres. 

Working with young authors and students plays a crucial role in Ms. Chmyreva’s work. She does not only share her professional experience with the youth, but also actualises photo projects alongside them. Oftentimes, Irina’s students begin communicating and visiting their peers’ exhibitions. Thus, common artistic space is created. It contributes greatly to young authors’ professional development. 

What is more, Irina manages different international artistic projects. For instance, soon Buenos Aires will hold the exhibition of Alexander Rodchenko’s works. It will present his classical works of Russian avant-garde created throughout the period of him giving lectures in Higher Art and Technical Studios (‘Vkhutemas’). It is essential for our interlocutress to draw global attention to Russia’s artistic culture and photography. 


Irina Chmyreva supposes art is one of the major ways of conceiving the world. It allows one to get a sense of every side of life while preparing one to accept its different stages. Works of art convey exceptional emotions and spiritual experience. 

Not every image is a work of art, just as not every pencil drawing is graphic arts. Everything depends on author’s philosophic and artistic thinking. In modern world, photography plays an important role in designing articles. That is why, photo editing is essential now. A professional photo editor has to have the sense of taste, see photos’ composition accuracy, and understand, which image fits the material contextually. 

Irina is sure photography is a way of communication between both author and society, and different cultures. Just as any other language, modern photography demands studying and constant practice. That is the only way an author can share their precise and clear thoughts through his image. 

Surely, inspiration is essential for any artist. Irina shares her secret: her main source of motivation is her students’ success. Their strive for self-development and interest for what they do fill her with energy. As Irina sees quality works of young professionals, she understands that this is the reason she does her job and lives. 

Irina Chmyreva supposes: “Artists possess a unique type of knowledge, which they can share with other people. Their world is different. I am happy to be among those women, who unleashed their potential in the sphere of art”. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov