Irina Eldarkhanova the Chocolate Queen

Irina Eldarkhanova the Chocolate Queen

“We burdened ourselves with competitors but fulfilled our social mission” 

Modern women increasingly often establish themselves as talented leaders. They are full of inspiration, energy, and desire to bring use and joy to people around. Irina Eldarkhanova managed to not only achieve major success in business but also give a start to a new niche for entrepreneurship in Russia. Today, Confael company is well known in many countries. Many people call Ms. Eldarkhanova ‘Chocolate Queen’.

Irina Eldarkhanova  - entrepreneur, founder of Confael chocolate factory, mother with many children

For a long time, Ms. Eldarkhanova was heading an enterprise focused on production of clothes and footwear. She was running a regional state enterprise on clothes trade. Today, Irina Eldarkhanova is a Chairperson of Confael Board of Directors. Confael is a group of companies, which includes a chocolate fashion house, a chocolate factory, a network of boutiques located Russia- and Kazakhstan-wide, a department of working with corporate clients, and a workshop of chocolate festivals. The main part of the brand’s popularity originates from its chocolate souvenirs.


The idea to create the ‘kingdom’ of chocolate appeared when Irina Eldarkhanova was engaged in chocolate import. The entrepreneur noted that Russians are fond of confectionery from abroad but these products are not always healthy. Jointly with her team, Ms. Eldarkhanova worked out their own recipe of tasty and healthy chocolate. 77% of chocolate was made with participation of Mstislav Rostropovich, who was a famous Russian maestro and lover of good food and chocolate. That is how Russia had a new fresh niche for entrepreneurial development.

“20 years ago, nobody could imagine giving chocolate as a jubilee present to a politician, a businessperson, or a famous musician. We managed to create such kind of sweet presents. They are not just boxes of chocolate but real pieces of art”, recalls Irina Eldarkhanova.

Huge chocolate medals were the first unique presents made by Confael. At parties, they were often placed at a conspicuous place and guests took pictures with them. Then there was an idea to make big chocolate sculptures. The present for Lev Leshchenko became the first order of that kind.

A chocolate lion that weighed 100 kg was made in accordance with the most difficult culinary techniques. When it was time to get the chocolate out of the form, 150 employees of the factory watched the process with sincere excitements. Everybody were impressed by the result.


After that, the company started creating chocolate portraits, pictures, and telegrams.

Confael is constant creative work, inspiration and new ideas.

“We opened Russia’s first chocolate boutique. And we were the first to start making handmade confectionery. Over time, many similar projects appeared in Russia. On the one hand, we burdened ourselves with competitors. On the other hand, we fulfiled our social mission and gave an impetus to development of a new niche in Russia”, says Irina Eldarkhanova.

China, Germany, France, and other countries still do not have such a developed market of chocolate gifts.


Much work is carried out daily in order to provide the products of the maximum quality. Souvenirs and confectionery of Confael are made of chocolate, 77% (for lovers of a healthy lifestyle) or 56% (for those who’ve got a sweet tooth) of which consists of cocoa-based products. The chocolate mass is cooked in accordance with a secret recipe that was worked out for a long time.

Today, there are a number of points of view on the use or harm of chocolate for human organism. However, many doctors and scientists are convinced that natural cocoa-based products of high quality positively affect human health. For instance, plain chocolate in small amounts can prevent tooth decay and contributes to production of endorphins, the so-called happiness hormones.

The entrepreneur emphasizes that she always uses cocoa butter. It is effective against a cold and useful to health. In addition, cocoa butter is a good humidifying and regenerating cosmetic product.

Irina Eldarkhanova is a person who found her vocation. She managed to inspire thousands of people to creation of their businesses and make millions of confectionery lovers happy. However, not only work but also family brings her much happiness. Ms. Eldarkhanova is a mother with many children and a grandmother. She dedicates all her weekends to spending time with her little granddaughter. Irina Eldarkhanova wished women from all over the world to find their happiness and be pleased with every moment: enjoy every new day and recall each passing day with smile on their faces.


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Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov