Irina Zaporozhets on Business Values

Irina Zaporozhets on Business Values

On social responsibility of the company and its head 

Irina Zaporozhets is the head of the Russia & CIS branch of a global pharmaceutical company that has been helping people with serious illnesses for over 140 years. Eli Lilly & Company is inherent in ethical values and corporate culture shared by the majority of its personnel. Our today’s heroine takes pride in her organisation putting commercial objectives and respect and care for people on an equal footing. 

Irina Zaporozhets - Head of Eli Lilly & Company in Russia and CIS 

“Any pharmaceutical company’s mission is to prolong its patients life while making it qualitative and healthy. I am happy to be the part of it and have the opportunity to contribute to it. Unfortunately, I am not a scientist and have no part in developing medicaments. I am happy to have the job I really like. I am a leader in the team of like minds, whose job is to make modern treatment of serious illnesses affordable for the largest possible number of Russian patients. I am working with what I like and, at the same time, helping to make people’s lives better,” shared Irina Zaporozhets. 

The company actualises a large number of social projects. All of those is not to look for benefits, as the projects stand for social responsibility and the desire to help others. 


As of today, Eli Lilly’s main social projects deal with treating tuberculosis and detecting diabetes. 

It is important for Ms. Zaporozhets, as company’s values coincide with her ones. She is sure that every person has to leave a record, even if it would be a small contribution to making one’s life better or helping the one in need. 

Being a leader, Irina Zaporozhets sees her mission in supporting professional development of her company’s members. She is now glad to see her mentees grow and be in charge of various departments or even other companies. Ms. Zaporozhets is the role model for her team. She started working in Eli Lilly from the low-level positions. 

Our heroine moved through all the stages of professional development and became head of the enterprise thanks to her hardworking and determination. 

As a woman leader, Ms. Zaporozhets said the choice between her family and her career became one of the hardest obstacles within her career path. Over a long time, she struggled to find a balance, but then she decided it would be right to set her priorities properly. 

According to Irina Zaporozhets, family and work and the two most important parts of a person’s life that should be closely interrelated. It is essential for her to be able to fulfil her professional potential. However, she would not be able achieve such success without her nearest and dearest supporting her. 

Our heroine is not just a professional and a successful leader, but also a mother of three. She strives to pass her values over to younger generation. The thing is, if every person teaches their children to help and take care of others, our world will become a better place. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov