Kaixuan Feng: Art Preserving Peace

Kaixuan Feng: Art Preserving Peace

Works by Chinese artist at the Summer Peace Summit 

The Summer Peace Summit in Belgium was memorable for not only rich business programme but also the cultural one. The event took place in creative innovative space Living Tomorrow. Within the meeting, art objects by artists all over the world including the participants of the summit were presented. Kaixuan Feng impressed everybody with the beauty of mundane things. In her art, she uses things of everyday life. With the help of them she raises issues relevant for humanity. 

Kaixuan Feng - Chinese artist, professor of the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts 

Kaixuan Feng is a Chinese artist living and working in France. She obtained education in Chinese painting and modern art. She manages to combine those two directions in her works. As an artist, she got popular not only in France and China but also on the world scene. Her works impress with originality, emotionality, and profoundness. 


Kaixuan Feng doesn’t limit her creativity by one format. She turns to such kinds of art as performance, photography, calligraphy, painting, video, creating clothes, and stage productions. 

Body language takes important place in Kaixuan Feng’s works. She creates works of monumental calligraphy drawing with her own hair, which is pre-impregnated with Chinese ink. In her performances, pictures, and plays Ms. Feng pays much attention to gestures giving them a symbolic power and creates landscapes on human bodies. Being expert in everything from photography to textile works and from calligraphy to painting, the artist aims to show how beautiful and wonderful are people and a big potential they have. 


In 2010, Kaixuan Feng got the higher national diploma of plastic art expression (DNSEP). 

Kaixuan Feng paints on used coffee filters shaped as a Chinese fan. Refined author’s works present landscapes repeating the traces of the drink. 

The artist presented art objects made from used tea bags and coffee filters at the Summer Peace Summit. She urged the audience to not only enjoy the resulting patterns but also think about environmental problems. 


Art is a language that is equally understood by people from different countries. Moreover, sometimes creativity can say much more than words. When it comes to the preservation and development of peace, it is important that people not only think but also feel. It is art that can inspire people to do the right things. 

In her works, Kaixuan Feng tries to reflect the connection between everyday life of people and art. 


She likes to use old, unnecessary things to create new, interesting and beautiful objects. As an artist, she has an amazing gift: she manages to not just awaken feelings and emotions in people but push certain thoughts and inspire them to solve global problems. 

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Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin