Everybody has a true purpose in this life. Being a musician requires responsibility and taking great pains. Music is a strong power able to change lives of many people. In her interview with the EWC journalists, Katya Lel, a Russian pop singer, shared her opinion on this.

“Music for me is a part of my soul. I feel comfortable when I sing, when there is music around me. I know for sure that I was born for this”, she said.

According to Katya Lel, musicians are people who bring light and harmony, help people overcome challenges and not to give up. They have special energy and share it with people around them. Their professional path is extremely interesting but at the same time not that easy.


“When my daughter was 4 years old, she said she wanted to become a singer. Then I said I would support her if she realized that music was her life. Only those who know it for sure that music is their vocation can overcome all challenges and cope with this hard work”, said Katya Lel.

Katya Lel recommends those who have chosen this profession with all responsibility always to go all the way, believe in themselves and never give up even in most challenging moments.  In her opinion, education is also extremely important for a musician. Katya finished a music school, she studied in two departments: Piano and Choral Conducting. She also graduated from the Gnessins Russian Academy of Music and then studied in London, improving her vocal skills. She had a teacher who also taught George Michael, Annie Lennox, Peter Gabriel, and Shirley Bassey. Katya Lel believes that people around believe you and pay special attention to your music if you are self-confident and strive for mental and professional self-development.


“Today people lack warmth and light. Music is a great power that that fills you with them. I always say that one should invest in talented people. An artistic person mustn’t think about money. Their business is to create and bring happiness to this world, lighting other people’s way. I would like wealthy people to understand that. There is a special cycle in life. When you give something, you get something”, she commented. What can be more valuable to get than a kind and peaceful world?

As a musician, Katya considers giving her love and warmth through songs to be her mission. Her listeners many times mentioned magic power of her songs. They believe Katya’s songs keep them happy and positive people in difficult moments of their lives. Not only melody and the song’s text contribute to this. The main thing is that the singer when performing on stage or making records sincerely wants to please her listeners.

Katya Lel shared about her new project being in the development stage. In November, 2018, Crocus City Hall will host a programme called It's All Right. By this project, the singer wants to persuade people that everything what happens to them is for the best.

“I believe that one has to overcome many obstacles to find one’s vocation in life. I had them too but managed to cope with all challenges. This feeling after opposing difficulties is unforgettable. You understand who you are, realize that you are ready for more victories, that you have energy to do everything and that your life is good”, said Katya Lel.

According to the interviewee, everyone has a special challenge in life. It is necessary not only to overcome it, but also to preserve love, kindness, ability to forgive, respect, and belief in people. If one manages it, one will be able to share light in his soul with other people.

Katya Lel also actively contributes to charity. She often organises concerts in children’s homes and hospitals. According to her, music and good deeds are closely connected. When one sings, one feels vibrations of one’s soul. This is a moment when one is sincere. Good deeds are always done from the heart as well.

“When I visit children in hospitals and see their eyes, I understand they need my music. Their recovery partially depends on me, on what I sing or say and on how I do it. Only through empathy, sincerity, and love one can give people faith and hope and contribute to their recovery. This is the best treatment”, she said.

Having such a global goal as bringing good to the world, Katya Lel believes that each woman has extremely huge role. It is women who do wonders, give birth to children. However, according to the interviewee, a woman can’t be happy just sitting at home with children.

“I believe when you are fully satisfied with what you do in life, you also share your satisfaction with your child. Children feel your elation and harmony. That is why any woman must not only be a mother, but also put into practice her dreams. In my opinion, women’s warmth, energy and kindness is the strongest thing we have in the world. And one must use it”, she finished.

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Forum

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov