Carrie Lam is Hong Kong’s Chief Executive. Her inauguration was in 2007. In the eyes of society, Carrie lagged behind her competitors, but during the elections, she received the support of Beijing, 777 electors voted for her. As a result, she took her current position. 

She is to serve both people of Hong Kong and Beijing. Many believe that it is impossible to please both, but Carrie who was the deputy of Leung Chun-ying (who once also was Hong Kong’s Chief Executive) already has experience in such attempts. Anyway, through her activity she is to become the so-called bridge between Hong Kong and Beijing. 

She raised about 18 million Hong Kong dollars (about 133.5 million rubles) for her election campaign. However, she herself almost did not use that amount of money. Carrie immediately invested HK$ 5 million in the development of education in Hong Kong, and also donated HK$ 6 million to charitable organizations. 



Just a few days after taking office, Carrie Lam included HK$ 5 million (about 37 million rubles) in the financing plan of education in Hong Kong. 

Carrie Lam plans to introduce benefits, which amount to 30 thousand Hong Kong dollars (more than 200 thousand rubles), for the secondary school graduates that meet special requirements. These requirements depend on applicant’s level of Chinese and English and applicant’s knowledge of mathematics and of the humanities written in the Diploma of Secondary Education. If the applicant does not meet them, he will study at his own expense. In fact, education can cost 70, 80 or sometimes 100 thousand Hong Kong dollars a year. 

This is good news, as there are not so many places in universities funded from the state budget. Not all students, even those who meet the requirements, have the opportunity to study at the expense of the state at all times. 



Carrie Lam encourages the activities of non-governmental organizations supporting young people and disadvantaged groups. When taking office, she donated more than HK$ 6 million (about 44.5 million rubles) to seven such organizations. She also donated some furniture and equipment from her office used during the election campaign. 

“These charitable organizations and their volunteers have been providing support and services to disadvantaged groups and the youth over the years. They are highly respectable and I fully support their work. I hope my donations can help to further enhance their services so that people in need can be better cared for”, she said. 


In her opinion, Hong Kong needs a proper housing policy. According to her, there should be more full-fledged apartment owners in the city. Now a new grants program is being developed for people who buy their own homes for the first time. They will be given a more advantageous tariff than now. In addition, Carrie plans to make more apartments available for rent. 


Loving Qipaos 

Carrie Lam commented on her love of traditional Chinese dresses. According to her, the pink qipao she put on for her inauguration was the only new dress she wore in recent times. 

One can find a video on Carrie Lam’s official Facebook page. In this video, she is dressed in different qipaos.  As she said, most qipaos she wore were purchased long ago. However, on the inauguration ceremony she was in a dress made specially for such occasion. 

“I want to promote design from Hong Kong. My outfit was designed by a renowned local fashion designer”, said Carrie Lam. 

She also revealed the reason for her love of qipaos. 

“As the first female chief executive, I want to display the features of oriental women”, she commented. 

Earlier, during the election campaign, Carrie Lam admitted that her choice to wear a qipao was not due to politics and was not aimed at impressing Beijing. She simply believed that such a dress best emphasizes the figure of Asian women. 

According to her, she knows how to combine her qipaos to match with different clothes and to create various styles. 

Nikolay Gavrilov, Agata Korovina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov