Kristina Shestakova: Why Does a Psychologist Need a Blog?

Kristina Shestakova: Why Does a Psychologist Need a Blog?

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Kristina Shestakova - psychologist, specialist in trauma therapy, author of a psychological blog @kisulman 

Kristina Shestakova, a professional psychologist, has her own blog, in which she shares useful advice and exercises with the readers, recommends high quality literature, and tells about her worldviews as an expert. She explains complex psychological phenomena in simple language and shows how interesting and multifaceted our world is. 


Ms. Shestakova tells about what one should do when one’s close people feel bad, how to understand the logic of love, and why one can’t accurately determine raised or lowered self-esteem of people. 

In her blog, the psychologist shares interesting facts and information unknown to 95% of the world population. 

Kristina Shestakova gained her professional experience when working at the Moscow Service of Psychological Assistance to the Population. For several years, she assisted people in different life situations. That helped her gain huge experience, support of the professional community, and belief in herself. Ms. Shestakova understood she could work with a variety of topics, be useful to people, and make their lives better. 


She realised that her professional level was high enough for her to shift to private practice. The main thing was not to be afraid to take the responsibility and act. 

Kristina Shestakova launched her own blog. Its initial task was to attract the clients and ensure steady increase in their number. However, later she understood that she had a powerful instrument and it was important and necessary to use it for attaining broader goals. Today, Ms. Shestakova sees her mission in making scientific, interesting, and deep psychology more accessible and understandable for non-specialist audience. In addition, she strives to acquaint her readers with themselves and teach them to love themselves. 

“It is important for me that people learn to believe themselves and understand the depth of their inner self”, explains Kristina Shestakova. 


In the modern world, a number of specialists including psychologists and coaches suggest their services. Unfortunately, not all of them are qualified enough. The inner world of people and human relations require serious consideration and delicate approach. It is important for Kristina Shestakova that people can identify professionals and understand whose viewpoints they should listen to. 

She always advises people to listen to themselves. “You are unique, good, and clever. You are the most valuable that you have. Listen to your wishes and step by step carry them out”, recommends Ms. Shestakova. She has long ago understood her main desire: to be helpful to people. 

Today, Kristina Shestakova is an active professional who consults clients twice a week from early morning to late evening. She serves 6 clients daily and also provides consulting via Skype. Blogging is a continuous process. Ms. Shestakova combines it with other tasks and duties. 


Kristina Shestakova believes that blogging gives many opportunities for the fulfilment of potential. 

For example, one can share information with a number of people at the same time, find new contacts, attract new clients, work remotely and freely to bring into action one’s creative plans. However, when creating a blog, one should be ready to spend much time for the project, constantly update information, and be in contact with the readers. 

Kristina Shestakova’s blog is actively developing. The psychologist managed to find her own style and is already loved by the readers. At the same time, Ms. Shestakova emphasizes that she is, in the first turn, a psychologist, a professional. 

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Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov