Women senators are often sincerely indifferent to socially-oriented projects, implemented under their leadership. Senators often become chairpersons in different social organizations and do their best to help all those in need of assistance. It is interesting that ideas of many projects come from personal experience of these women.

Elena Popova, the Federation Council senator, chairperson of a social organization called Many Children and located in the Volgograd region, told the EWC journalists about such a situation.

“When I became a mother of many children, I seriously thought about the need to create a project to make life of large families easier and better. Together with other active and caring parents, we began our work and, first of all, asked the executive authorities to organize a place where it would be possible for large families to receive all the necessary documents. This was a great step forward. One of the problems such families often face is that the process of collecting documents is very complicated”, she said.


But that was only the beginning. Today the Volgograd region has multifunctional centres making the process of collecting documents easier.

Many Children started its active operation on 2012 when the President of the Russian Federation in one of his speeches claimed that it was necessary to provide large families with free land property.

“Then we decided to act in this direction too. We analyzed the experience of other regions and realized the importance to support large families even after they receive land to construct a house there. That is why we went further in this direction, as such families needed to be helped at all stages of realization of their dreams”, she commented.

Today, work in the field of supporting families in need of social protection is conducted in several areas. In fact, attention in this issue is paid not only to large families, but also to families with children with disabilities.


“We have changed the regional laws for the provision of land. We currently have the following order: first, a large family receives land property, and then a family with a disabled child does it. Thus, land is provided on a rotating basis. In my opinion, we should offer this method to other regions of Russia”, continued Elena Popova.

Many Children cooperates with a number of social organizations.

“We have formed a special register in our region. Various organizations are included in it. In fact, when we started our activities in 2012, we did not expect that the directions of supporting families with children could be so different. Today, our organization deals with many tasks, which means that we have a lot of work. However, we have an opportunity to attract like-minded people who help us”, she added.

According to the senator, parents themselves play an important role in the organization's activities, in particular, mothers who find time not only to bring up their children, but also to solve socially significant problems.

“We gave them the opportunity to become real experts in certain fields, thereby we helped them in their self-actualization.  They like the directions they work in. In our turn, we try to keep and contribute to their active life position”, said Elena Popova.

As stressed by the senator, women engaged in public activities always try to unite their forces. This helps in solving any problems. Elena believes that it is necessary for measures supporting women to be competently and comprehensively addressed.

“Our country has developed programs related to employment of women, their professional training, etc. Many of those programs cover women on maternity leave as well. I think that women in the 21st century must take decisions independently including choosing her profession. She only needs to be provided with a choice. And, most importantly, this choice must be enforced. I mean, when we offer a young mother to receive training in some profession, we must show what support measures from the executive authorities and public organizations during this period of time she will be able to receive”, she added.

In continuation of the conversation about active and purposeful women, Elena Popova mentioned women consulting to senators not only with complaints, but also with proposals.

“In our turn, we offer them to start their activity and help find like-minded people and associates. It is very important to convince people that they will cope with everything. In addition, we try to show on the example from our own experience that the main thing is not to be afraid and go to your goal. I go to an event in my own region, I often take my younger daughter with me. A large family doesn’t prevent you from something. On the contrary, it supports you. I hope that my example will inspire someone not to be afraid to do what he or she likes at a professional level”, she finished.

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov