‘Legally Mom’ Elena Grin

‘Legally Mom’ Elena Grin

About how the best volunteer project is being developed on the net

Jointly with her like-minded colleagues, Elena Grin, a qualified specialist in the field of law, created an internet project called ‘Legally Mom’. Its main goal is the legal education of women, young parents. The project has been operating for more than a year. Over this time, it has gained a rapid pace of development. ‘Legally Mom’ was recognised the best volunteer project at the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum.

Elena Grin - PhD in Law, Deputy Head of the Department of Intellectual Rights of Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL), member of the scientific advisory board to the Court on Intellectual Property Rights, All-Russia People's Front expert, founder of ‘Legally Mom’

The idea of the project appeared when Ms. Grin became a mother. According to the expert, in their everyday life, women often deal with issues requiring certain legal knowledge. Sometimes young mothers cannot use the existing opportunities and protect their rights because they do not understand how to do that or do not know about their own rights at all.

“I have always wanted to be useful to people. I realised that I should act using my knowledge that I could share, energy, and opportunities for realisation of a large-scale project”, recalls Elena Grin. 


Ms. Grin decided to launch an internet project to share useful information with people around and provide advisory assistance. The idea inspired other ‘legally moms’: the lecturers of the legal higher education institution and acting lawyers Tatyana Shilyuk and Viktoria Rashina.

Today, ‘Legally Mom’ is a project presented on Instagram and at a separate web-portal. Its audience on social networks amounts to almost 100 thousand subscribers and that number constantly grows. Within the project, experts touch upon topics that are relevant for young families. They share about where to go to on a vacation with a child and what benefits young parents can receive. The experts suggest legal solutions to the wide spread problems. The project team also works on recording free educational webinars.

The experts not only publish useful information but also are in constant communication with subscribers and constantly help them in addressing legal issues.


All lawyers of the project are highly qualified specialists, lecturers of higher educational institutions and at the same time All-Russia People's Front experts. This gives them opportunities for cooperation with different public organisations and governmental structures.

Elena Grin and her colleagues set themselves the task to provide real help to those who need it.

Subscribers often contact them with concrete questions. To resolve them, it is necessary to send requests to certain organisations. The project’s lawyers help people with paperwork and contacting with necessary specialists. They are in constant communication with those who asked for their help and strive to see every business through to its success.

‘Legally Mom’ is actively developing. According to Ms. Grin, there are volunteers ready to implement the project in their regions of Russia.


In the near future, there is a plan for close cooperation with Anna Kuznetsova, Children's Rights Commissioner, and Tatyana Moskaleva, Human Rights Commissioner.

According to Ms. Grin, the internet provides many new opportunities for development of projects in any spheres. That is why many of today’s initiatives are carried out in the internet space.

“The internet unites regions, people of different professions and interests. It helps them exchange useful knowledge and experience and quickly discuss some issues. The main thing that it makes them closer to one another. Sometimes it seems to me that I personally know many of our subscribers due to their active involvement in the life of our project”, she shares.

According to Elena Grin, one shouldn’t be afraid of bringing one’s project to the internet space even if one doesn’t have enough experience for that. Today, there is a number of courses, educational literature, and workshops on this direction, including free ones.

The internet requires much energy and confidence from authors of projects. It is necessary for them to be ready to deal with competition and criticism.


It is important for the author to clearly understand what result he or she wants to achieve and how he or she can benefit other people. Elena Grin believes that in this case everything will work out.

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Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov