Tatiana Tur: a mother, producer, managing director 

Nowadays an approach to children’s art is changing. It becomes more modern and meaningful. Tatiana Tur, a record producer, founder and managing director of Sound media Kids school studio, told us about her project in this sphere. 

According to Tatiana Tur’s opinion, modern show business is a world of fast ups and no less fast downs. Here only those people, who can overcome difficulties, work without sleep and rest for many hours in a row, take even the biggest failures easy and, having lost glory and public’s respect, earn them again and again, can become successful. Working in show business provides unique experience in different fields of study simultaneously, as well as the opportunity to meet many wonderful and talented people. Many people want to enter this world, but it takes great effort to pass all tests and become a real successful artist. 


Tatiana is a very creative person who knows the profession literally from the inside. In her young age she studied music. However, in show business she is most known for her producing skills. One of Tatiana’s most remarkable projects was working with Polina Gagarina, a famous singer and a finalist of the ‘Eurovision-2015’ contest. «It is very important for me to be satisfied with what I do. An artist I work with should inspire me and have some potential. I should like him both for his personality and professionalism. Six years ago, Polina and I started working from the bottom. We didn’t have anything besides a will to go further, we wanted to take on the world. Then we went for the Eurovision contest, and now Polina has become a successful woman. It proves one more time that you can achieve many things in show business if you are talented, hardworking, purposeful and enthusiastic», Tatiana says. 

Tatiana Tur was a producer for other artists too. She took part in realization of projects with Iosif Prigozhin and created programs for TV. However, now she is working on her own project, which probably can even change the atmosphere in the modern show business’ world. Tatiana found a creative Sound media Kids school studio. 


«For now this is my main project which I’ve been going for for many years. The participants of it are children from 1,5 to 16 years old. Every one of them takes trainings in one of the fields (artistic, vocal, choreographic, and radio journalistic). Modern children are different from past generations. They are more active, brave and relaxed. I think that many approaches to creative development of children are archaic now. In my opinion, children’s creative work should necessarily be topical. That is why I try to create and improve those fields of training that correspond to time, speed and style of modern life in my school studio», Tatiana shares. Thus, the school’s lessons are related to all-round complex development. Children learn to sing, dance, act on stage, play in theatre, make records in a studio, act as hosts and filmmakers and many other activities. Young journalists create content, record radio airs, make playlists and shoot videos for the Internet. They are treated like adults in the school, their trainings are serious and demand responsibility. However, according to Tatiana’s words, the creation is made only when a person is devoted and motivated. That is why it is important not to make children attend the trainings but make the lessons entertaining and wonderful. 

The teachers of the Sound media Kids studio take children’s trainings for acting on stage in large-scaled TV projects very seriously. «Our psychologist works with the children for many months. I actively participate in it myself. On this stage it is very important to cover a child from disappointments, fear and uncertainty. It is a very hard psychological challenge for the children, so we, as their mentors, should be very attentive», Tatiana marks. Such multileveled, all-around creative improvement of children helps prepare them for a possible future profession as well as possible if they decide to dedicate their life to theatre, cinema or show business. The fact that the children start to improve their creative skills, work very hard, for example, to become real artists since their childhood, can explode many current stereotypes related to futility of working in this sphere. 


Nowadays the Sound media Kids studio works in Moscow and St.Petersburg but Tatiana shared her plans about proceeding to share such practice in regions with us: «I want to make a creative space, which will bring many children together regardless their regions. Absolutely every one of children should be able to release their potential and talents with help of our project». 

Our interlocutress thinks that every child is talented and the main task of the school studio is to give an opportunity to use such potential: «We lived in an age when IT actively develops and more and more work begins to be done by machines instead of people. However, we can’t teach artificial intelligence how to create or express genuine emotions. That is why everyone needs to improve their creative skills. It will be very proficient in future». 

Many Tatiana’s acquaintances and friends share her faith in this project. They believe in a possibility to change people’s attitude to show business and support her will to approach the process of creative children’s improving in a professional and modern way. «It is very important that my colleagues who are also mothers share my opinion. They know this profession from the inside. For example, Valeria, a famous singer and a mother of three children, believes that such an approach is vital these days and I’m doing a right thing. I’m glad that Maria Kozhevnikova, a popular actress, chose my school for her sons. We have such partners as the Stanislavsky’s International Fund, Disney Sony Pictures, Love Radio and many others». 


It’s interesting that the idea of creating the project came to Tatiana when she was looking for a school for her daughter. As a mother, she decided to give not only to hers, but to all children the best she could and created a school where even babies are tolerated like future professionals. 

Tatiana Tur is sure that women can change the world with their love to people around. As kind wives and attentive mothers, they tolerate the whole world like their families and wish to help everyone around. «For a woman it is very important to be happy both at work and at home because we express outside everything we feel inside ourselves. We can achieve many things by our love, kindness and tenderness. That is why I think that even the strongest and courageous women should always remain ladies at first». 

We should mark that for Tatiana charity is a soul’s need. The work of her school studio is primarily related to helping talented children. Tatiana gladly cooperates with many other socially-oriented projects. For example, one of the most active and talented users of the Global Talents web-portal of extra education will get the opportunity to participate in a summer program of a school studio in Georgia as a praise. Tatiana Tur is sure we can make the world a better place and help those who need it only by cooperating.

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Irina Nikishina