The flow of information is increasing in the age of the digital economy. Neural connections work hard nonstop, which overloads the brain. That is why it is so important to let it relax in today’s world. When your telephone is out of order often the first thing you do is restarting it. Meditation is the same restart for people. It helps calm your mind and set up your organism in the right way. Daria who is an osteopath and a thoughtful person shared more about inner harmony, creativity, and mindfulness. 

She graduated from the Economic Faculty at a university in Moscow and later worked as photographer and event manager. Once she met Pilot Babaji, an Indian spiritual guru who visited Russia often. A day with him made her change her worldview. 


Daria spent more than six years in India, acquiring conscious acceptance of her actions, exploring her inner world, and receiving new knowledge. She got a spiritual name ‘Durga’, which means ‘defender from the evil’ and ‘destroyer of illusions’. The interviewee shared several rules to follow to be in harmony with oneself ant the world around. Firstly, listen to yourself and your intuition, use what connects you with the universe. Secondly, free yourself from your fears and stop making new obstacles in your way. Thirdly, let yourself create, do it sincerely, being free from stereotypes and patterns. 

According to Daria, creativity is a result of close relation of cognition of the world around with inner-world cognition. When combining them, a person is able to create a real masterpiece. Not only distinguished people in art but also scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs did the same. 


The speaker believes there is hidden power inside every person. According to her, women are filled with energy with incredible mental, cosmic, and creative characteristics. In yoga, women’s energy is associated with the Moon because of their changes and transformations as well. Throughout life, women undergo challenging situations that contribute to their personality development. 


We asked the interviewee what any woman should know. Her answer was brief but had deeper meaning: “Silence heals”. Daria finds meditation very useful. Throughout life, people learn to think, use their intellect. However, they pay few attention to following intuition and listening to their hearts. In fact, doing this is extremely important not only for inner harmony but also for working capacity and productiveness. Daria believes one’s life changes completely when one learns to consciously approach oneself and one’s deeds, manage one’s thoughts, feel one’s body and find balance with body and mind. 


Daria is an osteopath, specialist who can listen to person’s body and understand it. She knows how to find the sources of illness. According to the speaker, our body works on the basis of interrelation of its elements and self-healing principle. When something dangerous happens, for example, we hit against something, get caught in the rain or sit in the drought, our organism reacts. It activates self-regulation process and opposes the illness. Hoverer, if one’s body or mind are overloaded and all energy is spent, the organism hasn’t enough resources to recover. This is the basic reason of being ill. Daria says meditation is a good way to restart your mind and organism, to stop, and calm down. Only in harmony with yourself and the world around you can fulfil your mission in this world. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov