Ludmila Stangl: About Female Entrepreneurship and Social Projects

Ludmila Stangl: About Female Entrepreneurship and Social Projects

Projects must take root in people’s hearts

The P50 community brought together women from 14 countries and different spheres of profession and activity. The first meeting took place at the Summer Peace Summit in Belgium. We can talk a lot about every participant: they are all unique and interesting. Ludmila Stangl is an international expert in women’s entrepreneurship and has shared her experience in realizing different social projects with our journalists.


Ludmila Stangl is an international expert in women’s entrepreneurship, co-founder of the UMIRA public organization and founder and owner of EMW filtertechnik RUS and GT Service (Germany). She obtained higher education in Russia by graduating from the Gubkin University, National University of Oil and Gas, working in the technical sector after graduation. After moving to Germany Ms. Stangl started studying the effect of aerodynamics on gas turbines efficiency. Together with her German colleagues, she observed how weather conditions affected the equipment. in particular snow drifts or blizzards, which one can often come across in Russia - something European specialists didn’t consider. Together with her research team she developed a technical solution and became one of the right holders of a patent of a combined filtration system, a technology that was later on implemented in the Gazprom company. Ludmila Stangl achieved a great success in a field profession that is largely male-dominated and is is an owner of the company specializing in producing filters of wider application.


 As a person concerned with the women’s agenda, she also pays much attention to supporting women’s entrepreneurship. “It is important for women to realize their potential by benefiting not only their immediate surroundings, but also the society as a whole. However, not all of them are brave enough to start their own business. That is why we should help them”, explains Ms. Stangl. Ludmila Stangl became a head of the Union of Female Entrepreneurs created in Germany, a group of accomplished female entrepreneurs ready to share their experience with Russian like-minders. According to research and expert opinion there's a significant difference in the male and female approaches to realizing business projects. Whereas men first think about budget necessary for starting business, a problem that can be solved very easy by loaning from the bank, women prioritize differently. Research shows that the most frequent barriers are lack of self-confidence, knowledge, resources, and support, so that its even more that there is a supportive network of people who can provide advice, show the right direction or just believe in them. The Union of Female Entrepreneurs was created to solve those problems, uniting women who turned their passion into business.


An Entrepreneur is a person full of ideas and potential for their realization. 

Two years ago, Ludmila also became one of the initiators of a community focussing on supporting women’s projects in Russia named UMIRA, helping female entrepreneurs communicate and exchange know-how with one another. The result of this exchange is that they come up with new ideas and ways of developing projects in a joint effort.


Ludmila Stangl is sure that supporting social projects is one of the goals of successful businesses. It is important that public organizations address companies with concrete initiatives instead of just asking for financial help. It is necessary that business regularly help such projects, taking active part in their realization, because that way the work will take root in people’s heart.

Nowadays Ludmila actively participates in various projects supporting blind football players. She was never interested in that kind of sport but once she talked to the team she couldn’t pass by. 


“They are unique people who can’t see but can feel. They are open for the world and happy despite any difficulties”, shares Ludmila. Her work with the team became a big source of inspiration for her, with the soccer players turning into role models.

 Ludmila Stangl shared her experience regarding the realization of different social projects with other participants from the Summer Peace Summit. She was very impressed and inspired by the meeting in Brussels. “I was amazed by how similar the worldview of women from different countries is. We all strive to preserve peace. By uniting we can achieve even greater results. We as mothers understand the children and the youth are the future of our planet. We want to properly bring them up and protect. The best protection is not an assault but making friends of our enemies. We can do it only with the help of soft power, which every woman has from the birth.”, thinks Ludmila Stangl.

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Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community 

Translated by Yan Zarubin