Magical Power of Word, or How to Appeal to Hearts

Magical Power of Word, or How to Appeal to Hearts

Who is a life coach and how can they help? 

Many people from Novosibirsk and other cities strive to speak to one person. Her name is Asya Kurilova. She knows how to inspire and motivate people, help them find the right way, and become truly happy and self-contained. Our today’s heroine described the job of a life coach and shared why it is important for her to work in that direction. 

Asya Kurilova - life coach, mentor 

In her 33 years, she accumulated great knowledge and experience. Asya Kurilova has successfully launched two large enterprises: ‘Deesse de L`amour’ bridal and evening dresses shop and ‘Asya-Event’ Boutique for Important Events. She also established a major charitable project called ‘Siberian Soul’. However, after that she felt down and out and had no strength and understanding of what she was supposed to do next. At the time, she worked out several techniques of personal crisis management that helped her stand up and become successful again. 

Many people can consider Ms. Kurilova’s working sphere a surprise. She is a life coach and a mentor, who helps one evolve and overcome difficulties. Our interlocutress gives one tasks and provides techniques, all for changing one’s way of thinking. All the limits and obstacles are in our thoughts. 


By getting rid of delusions and negative attitudes, a person lives easily and happily afterwards. 

“I only work with those who has already mastered the physical world. I understand the language of business and the issues with relatives or friends on one’s path of evolution. I provide specific techniques that help one change their thinking patterns to see the ways of growing within crisis, not falling down,” explained Asya Kurilova. 

She feels the person and understands what they should do next, when her client cannot see it yet. The life coach shared: “Sometimes I just know what to do next. Human thoughts move faster than light. Therefore, exercising my mind helps me perceive changes earlier than anybody else.” 

Today, our heroine helps other people, financially successful and striving to develop mentally, stand up and find themselves. 


Sometimes, a person lacks motivation and inspiration. Oftentimes, waking up from their slumber, they just cannot see what to do next. Having a natural talent of feeling people, Ms. Kurilova sees their pressure points well. As she starts talking to a person, her simple but strong words motivate and make one drop all the excuses and doubts. 

“At times like these, I recall a well known wisdom: ‘Words can kill, words can save, with words one can lead the army’s way’,” explained Asya Kurilova. 

She is sure that the main thing about personal development is the ability to listen to one’s heart and intuition. The mentor advised: “You can encounter misunderstanding from many people about what you do. They can even be your friends or relatives. It is, however, important that you can answer the question yourself: ‘Does the thing I do inspire me? Does it help me?’ If yes, then it is high time to move forward. If not, then one should stop despite all the progress achieved.” 

Asya Kurilova is now working on her new large-scale project called ‘First Siberian Academy of Personal Growth’. It is aimed at helping people acquire beauty of physical and mental qualities combined. Our heroine is sure: when you grow mentally, your appearance and everything around you changes for the better as well. 

“One has to learn to feel the beauty and multiply it day after day.” 

The life coach continued: “During many years, I have been working myself through to change everything around me. Now I see the world in its beauty.” Through her new project, she wants to both help people grow spiritually and teach them to change the world around. 

At the time, Asya Kurilova put a lot of effort to find herself, stand up, and become successful again. Today, she considers her vocation giving other people a boost. 

She understands clearly, where she is going and feels responsible for those who trusted her as a mentor and a life guide. 

Asya Kurilova shared about her dream of building a small parish of Xenia of St. Petersburg, her saint. Ms. Kurilova wants to do it with a part of her income from ‘First Siberian Academy of Personal Growth’. The mentor said: “It is a small but a very strong dream. By making it come true, I will help many people acquire harmony with themselves.” 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov