Margarita Fedoseyeva: Being a Leader is Being a Human

Margarita Fedoseyeva: Being a Leader is Being a Human

Charity, rock music, and leadership

Being a leader means not only being successful and have the ability to lead people. In the first turn, this is being a human and recognising one’s responsibility before people around. Margarita Fedoseyeva is an entrepreneur, lead singer of a music band, and a successful leader who cannot imagine her life without helping people. This year, she became a moderator of the ‘Leadership Without Boundaries’ platform at the Women's Leadership Forum held in May.

Margarita Fedoseyeva - Member of the Guardianship Council of Be a Human charity foundation supporting ill children, lead singer of White Collars band, creator of Mad Daisy Moscow footwear and clothes brand, PhD in Economics

Margarita Fedoseyeva is an executive with major professional experience. Working at five corporations, she completed the path from financier to financial director. She also managed an operational bloc of the bank with 500 employees. Ms. Fedoseyeva’s major success in profession as financier and top manager is not her only achievement. She is also an entrepreneur and creator of her own successful projects..


Margarita Fedoseyeva has an unlimited wish to help other people. Being a head of a company, she actively contributes to charity.

Be a Human foundation has helped several hundreds of ill children over the time of its operation.

Today, the organisation has many friends including major corporations. They implement charity projects and support programmes. This makes it possible to provide support to a bigger number of people in Russia and abroad.


The feature of Be a Human project is that the organisation covers its expenses individually. The Foundation doesn’t take percentage off of the donations. This principle was initially put into the project’s concept.

White Collars rock band is another charity project. Ms. Fedoseyeva is its lead singer.

The musicians perform at parties and festivals at no cost instead of expensive celebrities. The organisers allocate the saved money to charity.


Rehearsals take the majority of spare time of the band members. Margarita Fedoseyeva and her band colleagues often go to their studio after a hard working day and spend there all the night. However, such kind of labour doesn’t exhaust them. On the opposite, it charges them with energy.

“We know that we help people who need our support by means of our creativity. This is the main motivation. When you know that you will soon have a charitable concert for one thousand people, you are ready to have 24-hour rehearsals to cope with it well”, shares Ms. Fedoseyeva.


Margarita Fedoseyeva believes that one can’t succeed in creativity the same as in something else without discipline, diligence, and hard work. Being a natural leader, she never limits herself and is never afraid of challenges. When Ms. Fedoseyeva was 11 years old, it was problematic for her to be admitted to a music school. She didn’t know how to read music and had some hearing problems. However, she always dreamt of becoming a rock star and purposefully approached to her goal. Already as an adult, she started performing on stage and now keeps inspiring a number of people by means of her works. Today, Margarita Fedoseyeva performs jointly with Bi-2, a legendary Russian band.

“Many people followed my example and started doing music, the thing that they love, having forgotten about all obstacles. Moreover, I managed to show people that charity is not only donation of money. One can support people by means of one’s creative work”, she shares.

According to Margarita Fedoseyeva, a leader is a person who recognises his or her responsibility for the result of work. “When one faces some problems, one shouldn’t blame people around and consequences in that. It is better to honestly ask oneself and understand how to fix everything”, she advises.

Constant aspiration to self-development is another important feature of a leader.

Margarita Fedoseyeva has a Ph.D. in Economics and a second higher education of translator. As an adult, she entered the Moscow State University and thus fulfilled her dream.

Ms. Fedoseyeva believes that it is necessary for contemporary people to be good at math and English. She teaches her daughter the same. Margarita Fedoseyeva also pays much attention to development of the skill to quickly adapt to any changes and recover after failures.

She is a role model for her child. At the age of 7, Ms. Fedoseyeva’s daughter refused her Birthday gifts and asked her mother to send the money to a charity foundation. Margarita Fedoseyeva herself has been doing the same for 10 years already but was very impressed and encouraged by her daughter’s decision.

The singer believes that only those who constantly work hard can achieve success in something. She recommends women from all over the world not to be afraid of realising their potential, to learn how to leave all the failed projects in the past and move forward. She also wished them to always be in peace, not to waste energy for struggle and disputes, and always remember that their children, parents, and spouses are their support.

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Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov