The Moscow Entrepreneurship Week, the largest business event in the capital city of Russia, kicked off with the First Moscow Forum of Entrepreneurs held on May 28. One of the forum’s sessions was dedicated to the development of women’s entrepreneurship. Marie-Christine Oghly, World President of the World Association of Women Entrepreneurs (FCEM), was one of the speakers. 

Ms. Oghly believes all women of the world are different. However, when starting a business, they all have the common desire to realise their potential and find an activity to their liking. Sincerity and involvement of the authors are probably main features of the projects being implemented by women. 

It is interesting that women often start businesses at an older age when they are about 40 years old. This is caused by the fact that before that they devote themselves to family and children upbringing. At the same time, the modern world offers more and more opportunities to do business on maternity leave. The number of young entrepreneurs is growing thanks to that. 


Marie-Christine Oghly believes women in business need support irrespective of countries of their residence and development levels of entrepreneurial field there. FCEM headed by Ms. Oghly unites businesswomen from across the world and helps them fulfil their ideas, develop their projects, and overcome challenges they face. 

The World Association of Women Entrepreneurs was established after the Second World War. At that time, women especially needed support in realising their potential. In addition, the Association’s task was to show the importance of women’s work and achievements, to make the state notice them. Today FCEM is the largest and the most influential women’s association having consultative status with such organisations, as the UN, UNIDO, the International Labour Organisation, the Council of Europe, and the European Parliament. 


Being the Association’s member gives such opportunities, as receiving consultations, information exchange, as well as assistance and support for women entrepreneurs. FCEM members are in constant communication, thanks to which they can find new business contacts and jointly implement different programmes. 


Today, FCEM makes progress in the digital field as well. It has a special web-platform for exchanging information, offering services, and finding partners. Thus, FCEM maintains constant and effective communication between entrepreneurs from all over the world on the net. Nevertheless, Marie-Christine Oghly stresses the importance of live communication, congresses, and forums. They not only give you knowledge and information, but also make you feel the atmosphere, share emotions and experience. All that can inspire you to new projects. 

At the end of her speech, Ms. Oghly shared professional advice with the forum’s participants. 

“Never be afraid. After making the first difficult and risky step you will understand your life has changed for the better and you won’t return to the point from which you started. Be careful and responsible when choosing a business partner. The results of your activity depend greatly on your business partners”, she said. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov