People working at MSU Faculty of Economics know much about how women contribute to social development. Marina Artamonova, Associate Professor of the Department of Employment and Labour Relations of the Faculty of Economics of MSU told us, which qualities modern women possess, what they could learn from youth, and what opportunities for self-actualisation they possess. 

Employment rate, unemployment, investment in human capital, robotisation, social and labour relations in specific companies, risks in HR sphere, labour disputes, talent management, and many more things make the range of professional interests for our interlocutress. Science is her life. She wanted to study economy since she was a child. She graduated from the MSU Faculty of Economics and then returned to her university to pass her knowledge and love of science to youth. 

According to her, women play a tremendous role in developing Russia’s economy. That is supported by the fact, women who became famous politicians, entrepreneurs, and other highly qualified professionals make a great part of her faculty’s graduates. For example, Marina herself studied with Olga Golodets, who is now a Deputy Chairperson of the Government of the Russian Federation. Many women who graduated from MSU Faculty of Economics are the examples of successful people: Karina Khudenko is a partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers audit company; Tatyana Smirnova is the head of ‘Kelly Services Russia’ HR department and a mother of many children; Evgeniya Fedorova is Procter & Gamble Deputy Head of Personnel, the list is large. Our interlocutress also mentioned her former students giving lectures and actualising workshops at the Faculty. It is important for Marina to contribute to professional development of specialists-to-be. 


According to Marina Artamonova, modern women are self-sufficient, focused, and hard-working. They can be successful in any sphere they choose. She recalled that once, as she discussed balance between family and work in women’s life with her master students, she heard that women should always have choice. Society cannot use stereotypes and create obstacles for self-fulfillment. The question here is, how can one find a middle ground between being useful to society, building a career and taking care of one’s family? 

Our interlocutress told us, she got a job in the university when her daughter was almost 3 years old. She wanted to take the offer but she doubted her choice. Marina recalls in her memory: “My child started going to nursery kindergarten, but I understood they needed their mother at such early age. Alongside with that, I constantly got that feeling that I did not pay enough attention to my daughter. Such self-contradictions were hard to solve, despite the fact that family always supported me. It is easier for modern women to overcome all of this, as many new facilities evolve. For example, modern employers more and more often hire women on a part-time basis, remotely or on flexible hours”. 


Marina Artamonova supposes, that women are great multi-taskers. That is why, in her opinion, remote work is a really great way of professional self-fulfilment in accord with remaining caring mothers and wives. They are able to cook borsch, negotiate by phone, and solve complex analytic issues using computer simultaneously. She also thinks that multitasking is harder for men, as they focus on a single specific issue. 

Moreover, women always strive for peace, harmony, and balance. Marina is sure that women should be attracted to senior posts. In their families, women are often responsible for rational finance distribution, building proper relations among family members, providing for every person’s obligations, etc. That means, they could do it on company or national level. Marina also mentioned that modern women possess proper citizenship, which is good for social development. In other words, women always strive to benefit people around them and make our world a better place. 


Marina Artamonova is proud of a noble thing she does, which is educating youth. No matter, if the results of her work are seen only several years after, they are always worth it. She begins communicating with specialists-to-be from their age of 16, when they enroll the school under the Faculty’s charge. As Marina thinks, “At that moment, it is essential to teach them right life and professional values, guide them, unleash their talents, make them believe in themselves and follow their goals. Both parents and teachers have to remember our major aim, which is helping our children fly, and not cutting their wings. Thus, we have to listen to their views and let them do what they really like”. 

Our interlocutress supposes that the majority of students from her faculty are talented people. She highlighted them inspiring her with their pursuit of knowledge (as some of them get their second degree simultaneously) and focus. Alongside with that, the most important thing here is constant self-discovery, the ability to find most interesting for themselves, and taking changes easy. For instance, one of Marina’s students graduated from the Department of Employment and Labour Relations and got her Master’s degree in Marketing. However, she decided to dedicate her life to art. Thus, after several attempts, she enrolled British Higher of Art and Design, which she had dreamt of. Marina Artamonova can name various examples of people boldly changing spheres of their activity. Such stories show us that success can be achieved only by believing in oneself, properly shaping one’s aim, and moving forward without noticing social stereotypes. 


Modern youth has everything necessary for fulfilling themselves and making their dreams come true. It is, however, important to remember the future of the whole country depends on them and their parents. Concluding our dialogue, Marina Artamonova mentioned that, according to her, every woman’s universal goal is raising a child, educate them properly, and instill true values in them. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov