Marina Stupina about the School of Life with a Child

Marina Stupina about the School of Life with a Child

Within the marathon dedicated to self-employment and women’s entrepreneurship, we keep acquainting you with women developing their projects in the internet space. Marina Stupina opened an online school in order to help women from different regions of Russia better understand their newborn children and form close relations between mothers and their babies from the first months of their lives. 

Marina Stupina - Head of the Acceptance online school of life with a child, paediatrician, perinatal psychologist 

Ms. Stupina was educated as a paediatrician. She has been consulting mothers with children for 13 years. In 2007, Marina Stupina started paying much attention to such topics as breast feeding and newborn care. She had an increasing number of visitors of her consultations. Ms. Stupina couldn’t cope with such a flow of clients and found the solution. She transferred the main part of her work into internet space and opened the Acceptance online school of life with a child. 


“I wanted to share my knowledge and experience with as many people as possible. It was important to make information accessible and ensure that people didn’t have to pay much money for it”, explained Marina Stupina. 

Within the Acceptance online school course, specialists not only help mothers to properly organise breast feeding process but also tell parents about adaptation of their child in the world and psychological aspects of communication with children. The project supervisors responsibly approach content creation. It is important for them to ensure that information is well-structured, laconic, and of high quality. 


Marina Stupina is a mother of three children. She emphasizes that they exposed her to children’s spiritual world, inspired her to create this project, and helped her choose her professional path. 

Ms. Stupina immersed into studying perinatal psychology with sincere interest and keeps mastering new methods nowadays. Today, she improves her qualification at the Neufeld Institute. 

“I don’t approach to breast feeding as only a baby feeding matter. I consider this process as an important instrument in creating mother-child attachment”, she says. 

In her work, Marina Stupina focuses on forming close and trustful relationship between mothers and children. 

The project is actively developing. An increasing number of experts join it. Thus, the school is gradually expanding. The World Health Organization emphasizes that not only medical workers but also mothers with their personal knowledge and experience can help in organisation of breast feeding. At the same time, it is necessary for them to undergo special training. 

Marina Stupina is a lecturer of the WHO breast feeding course. Today, the project has seven supervisors who are mothers who underwent online school course and special training within WHO programme. 

Ms. Stupina is convinced that the project’s entry to the internet space gave a number of new opportunities for its development. Online consulting is cheaper and therefore more accessible. In addition, the project’s geographic coverage is increasing. Mothers from different regions of Russia including small towns and villages having no breast feeding specialists will be able to obtain the services. 

The fact that mothers can receive information at home being with their children is a significant advantage. 

Marina Stupina is happy that she can help people around and share her valuable knowledge and experience with them. “If you know that you are useful to people don’t be afraid of speaking about that and act. Always remember that a number of people in the world can be in need of your help”, she recommends. 

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Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov