Marleen Wauters: “Happy People Do Not Start Wars”

Marleen Wauters: “Happy People Do Not Start Wars”

On how health of society influences preservation of peace 

The Summer Peace Summit in Brussels brought together women leaders from different fields of activity. The event became the first meeting of the participants of a new community called Peace 50 uniting people with common spiritual values and limitless desire to contribute to development and preservation of peace. Marleen Wauters who pays much attention to prevention of oncological diseases is one of the Summit’s participants.

Marleen Wauters - Founder of the non profits Prevention Information Network and Pancreas Community 

Marleen Wauters is convinced that healthy people are happy people. They neither start wars nor behave aggressively towards other people. On the contrary, happy people are productive people and develop the economy of their country. According to Ms. Wauters, if a person is happy, he or she can cope with any problem and address any task. 


All over the world, women are considered the keeper of the health of the family, they largely determine the daily regime and lifestyle of their families. That is why, according to Marleen Wauters, it is necessary to pay special attention to educational work with women on healthcare issues. At the same time, it is important to place emphasis on information about the signs and symptoms in cancer prevention. 

That is why with the non profit Prevention Information Network she concentrates on informing people about the early warning signs to improve early diagnosis of cancer and on teaching about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Pancreas Community guides people to early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, the treatment and the support of the patient, family and friends.


“I want to teach people about prevention. The earlier a person recognizes the signs of cancer and consults a doctor, the higher the chances for a cure. ”, emphasized Ms. Wauters. 

For the past 8 years, Marleen Wauters and her colleagues have been conducting research in identifying the most effective means of prevention of oncological diseases. Today, the new non profit Pancreatic Community targeted to the fight against pancreatic cancer, is underway. Ms. Wauters planned that the initiative would be developing within Europe but after the Summer Peace Summit it looks more like the project’s geographic coverage will significantly expand. 


Peace 50 platform allows women to exchange experience and knowledge, unite efforts in preservation of peace and development of the world, increase the scale of separate projects and spread the word in other countries. 

According to Marleen Wauters, today, it is necessary to speak more about positive projects and deeds of people, inspire and motivate people, and share success of others without hesitation. Women need to support each other, we need to share information, help where we can and use social media every opportunity to share our findings.  


“Millions of people use social networks. You will surely find those who will be interested in your publications and make use of them.” 

“Believe that good thigs will happen, believe that we can create a better world, believe that we can restore health, believe that we can stop war, , one person at the time. You can make a difference. Don’t ever give up. Every person, every small step matter in improving the world” 

We are open to dialogue on social networks. You can share your ideas and suggestions on new publications. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov