Mathematics: New Opportunities for Women

Mathematics: New Opportunities for Women

Why is it important for every woman to learn mathematics? This science allows to organize one’s thinking and build clear plans, both in business and in household. In the age of digitalization, mathematics provides women with new opportunities to realize their full potential in various fields. Nataliia Kiseleva, math teacher at the School 1409 in Moscow, spoke about it. Nataliia is on the top-50 list of Global Teacher Prize professional international contest and the head of the Equal Opportunities programme of the Rybakov Foundation non-profit organization. 

Nowadays we pay a lot of attention to women’s involvement in high-tech spheres. The programme of the Second Eurasian Women's Forum will also reflect the topics, related to the necessity of STEM education for women. ‘The Era of Digitalization: Equal Opportunities’ parity discussion will be held during the event. 

Nataliia is certain that mathematics is not only the science that helps making a person's life more meaningful, conscious, structured, and teaches to think clearly and accurately; it is also true art. It is the basis of architecture, painting, music. 


“Learning mathematics is not about memorizing formulas and arithmetic rules,” Nataliia believes. “Math is all around us. And the part of it that we touch in the school curriculum is only a very small fraction of mathematics that surrounds us.” Nataliia Kiseleva uses active design method for teaching. During her lessons schoolchildren study geometric figures, calculate the costs of materials for renovation, come up with new rules for playing chess and implement many other various projects while putting theoretical knowledge into practice. 

There is an unfair stereotype in the society that mathematics is a science that men are better at. Nataliia is sure that this subject is important for both boys and girls. Women need to understand mathematics in order to be able to think clearly and logically, and to structure information. This will help them master the strategy of building a family, making decisions, managing time; it will be easier for them to find balance between their home and their job. 

Nataliia is also convinced that for adolescences, gender division is useful in the study of mathematics. According to some research, girls grasp information quickly, think in another way, and perceive information differently. It is important to teach them mathematics not from the engineering point of view, but from the conclusive point of view. 

In addition, serious study of mathematics will allow women to become sought-after specialists in future professions. In the era of digitalization and rapid development of information technology, it is important to keep pace with the times, and to use the opportunities that the modern world provides. It is necessary to have expertise in the field of STEM-disciplines (the abbreviation stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). 

The extended interview with Nataliia Kiseleva will soon be available at the Eurasian Women's Community web-portal. 

Viktoria Yezhova, Eurasian Women's Community news agency