Memorandum on Responsible Media Signed in Brussels

Memorandum on Responsible Media Signed in Brussels

On October 21, Barbara Dietrich and Marina Volynkina signed the document ‘Responsible Media for the Global Peace and Sustainable Development’ in Brussels

Every hour sees the development of ideas of the Eurasian Women’s Forum which brings hope that all the initiatives fixed in the outcome resolution of the forum will be realized.

Today, without waiting for a new Forum, the initiative group of famous women of the world encouraged media to change the picture of the world. The group proposed reflecting it not only objectively, but also positively by means of sharing women-leaders’ success stories and illustrating the fulfilment of ideas focused on both individual and social sustainable development. Today it is especially necessary to stabilize public mood and motivate people’s aspiration to culture of communication and thinking with the global purpose, which is preserving global peace. 


On October 21, the Memorandum ‘Responsible Media for the Global Peace and Sustainable Development’ was signed in Brussels. The document was prepared with great love for the world and the desire to unite the warmth and sympathy of the hearts of women worldwide.

Today, most people come to an understanding that reducing the influence of ‘hard power’ in resolving political, religious, and national differences for the sake of peace should be the main task and condition for survival on the planet. Doing this is only possible through soft power, leaving aside all ambitions and clash of interests. The source of such power is women. Inner kindness makes us aspire to leave a beautiful flourishing planet for our children.

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In the beginning was the word. To be more exact, those were many words at the open discussion Meadia in forming the modern image of women’s leadership: information at the guard of peace and sustainable development at the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum, with Marina Volynkina as moderator. The great number of people present served proof of the topicality of the given issue. The heated debate showed that women from different countries of the world are concerned about this topic. Sacrificing social responsibility to rating, many mass media are unwilling to forecast possible negative consequences of their publications. As a result, there is unproportionable difference of attention driven to negative and positive events, with latter almost neglected. It has an adverse impact on people’s spirits (and even health), and stokes tension in society. Like a person under stress, the society, riven by conflicts, depressed by fears, cannot work out burning issues and cannot develop properly. That is why peace and sustainable development are impossible to attain without socially responsible media which could reflect reality not forgetting to report good news, positive tendencies and to motivate people to creative activity. The problem turned out so urgent that it became evident – one cannot put off this decision till the next forum. Many participants of the open discussion offered ways of solving the problem even after the forum. The chief editor of the magazine Diplomatic World Barbara Dietrich, one of the most active members of the initiative group, suggested working out a complying document. As a result, the text of the Memorandum Responsible Media for Sustainable Development appeared.

You can see the document here:

We are extremely grateful to all the members of the initiative group who took part in the creation of the document. Among them were famous Russian and foreign experts. The support of the project on the international level gave us confidence – together we are working on a very important issue directed at real peace consolidation and sustainable development in both local and global meanings.

Barbara Dietrich also suggested arranging a ceremonial procedure of signing the Memorandum. Symbolically, the signing of this historic document took place on the premises of the project Living Tomorrow, headed by Barbara as art director.

It was an unforgettable meeting which resulted in wonderful ideas directed at peace-building in the whole world! There also appeared a new project in the art sphere, uniting different generations, countries, styles and concepts. Anyway, we will write about it a little later. And, of course, we will devote a separate article to the amazingly creative person Barbara Dietrich, who is deeply concerned about our common goal.

And today we, women of the world, concerned with service for humanity, call for all non-indifferent people of the world who have their web pages in social media, web portals, and thinking about the future, to join our Memorandum.   

We are also glad to state that Memorandum has already been signed by such well-known women as

  • Gülden Türktan, the Founder and the First President of W20 (Turkey);
  • Sehar Kamran, Senator of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, President of the Centre for Pakistan and Gulf Studies (Pakistan);
  • Myonghee Kim, Doctor of Economics, Professor, and Advisor of Asia Pacific Women's Information Network Center of Sookmyung Women’s University (South Korea);
  • Barbara Dietrich, CEO of Diplomatic World magazine (Belgium);
  • Vanda Gagiano, Honorary President of Free State Women Agricultural Union in South Africa (Republic of South Africa);
  • Purnima Anand, President of the BRICS International Forum (India);
  • Marina Volynkina, Head of the Eurasian Women's Community (Russia);
  • Shirley Bahula-Ermias, President and CEO of SFT Gas & Oil Trading LLC and the General Director of BRICS Oil & Gas and BRICS Energy in the Russian Federation (Republic of South Africa).

P.S. You can’t picture what a happiness it is to find a relative soul, an ally able to understand your way of thinking in a woman speaking another language, living in a far-away part of the world, whom we came to know only a month ago at the forum! When we asked her, - ‘Barbara, where from do you take the energy for your projects?’, she answered, - ‘I communicate with such wonderful people who inspire me, and the energy comes to me from nowhere”. We are sure, if we find such relative souls throughout the world, we will unite our forces for preserving peace and we will make the world better!

The magazine Diplomatic World comes out quarterly in English and is delivered to all big enterprises, European establishments, ministries, NATO, embassies, banks and many other organizations. It publishes interviews with politicians, heads of public organizations, company directors, diplomats from different countries. One of the major tasks of the magazine is to ‘build bridges between continents’, motivating its readers in different countries to humanistic ways of resolution of disagreements and preserving peace. That is why it raises socially important issues, topical not only for Brussels and Europe, but for Russia, China, Middle East and Asia. 

Tatyana Vorozhtsova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Elena Styrina