The State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom is a corporation that operates not only in Russia. It builds about 30 power-generating units in over 12 countries of the world. The corporation has a rich history and pays special attention to its employees. Mentoring plays an integral role in the transmission of knowledge. At the first Mentor All-Russian Forum, Tatyana Terentyeva, HR Director at Rosatom, shared three practices used by the company. 


From Young to Young 

“I believe each person here who works in scientific organisations faced the problem of insufficient number of young people. In this regard, we set ourselves the task to transfer our unique experience to young specialists”, said Tatyana Terentyeva. 

According to her, one of the successful practices was introduced by Yuri Barmakov, Russian scientist, who was awarded with the State Prize of the USSR for the development of inspection system for nuclear weapon. He reconsidered the existing approach to education and noticed that misunderstanding often occurs during the communication of older and younger generations. In this regard, he proposed young but experienced specialists to become mentors to beginners in science. Rosatom uses this approach and uses fresh employees as mentors to new trainees. 

“Thanks to this system, we have increased the number of Candidates of Sciences fivefold. By the way, the youngest Doctor of Sciences is 32 years old. This is the best practice in our company”, commented Tatyana Terentyeva. 


Worldskills Movement 

The aim of the Worldskills organisation is improvement of professional personnel training through holding international competitions of young people. The competitions are held every two years in one of the countries participants. In 2019, Rosatom will host the Worldskills Championship in Kazan.

According to Tatyana Terentyeva, Worldskills contributed to new approaches in Rosatom. Now Rosatom has about 800 pairs of mentors and their students and 7 competence centres. The young members of Rosatom work out contests for college students and for the company’s employees as well.

As stated by the speaker, believing in young people and empowering them allowed promoting this movement and advancing the credibility of workers. 


New Way of Thinking 

Recently Rosatom launched a project aimed at development of creative approach in profession. It allows expanding the view of employees on what they do every day.

“We have just launched this programme. Now we already have positive results. In Podolsk, a mentor and a student proposed the concept of a device. Logistically, it could shorten transmission from one element to the other five times. Simple finds contribute greatly to major success in practice. The feature of this method is that students attentively watch what their mentors do and fall in love with this work. Like magnets, they then attract other people to this field of activity. They really want to be the best and set an example to others”, finished Tatyana Terentyeva. 

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov