For women entrepreneurs business is not just a way to earn money, it is primarily a method of helping people around. That said, many ladies have an actual talent of managing to complete various tasks at the same tame, realize their potential, do good, and care about their loved ones. Valentina Kuznetsova, the director of the Metal and Complement company, an active public person (head of the regional department of the all-Russian social BusinessWomen organization in the Republic of Sakha), and a mother of three children, is a bright example of it.


‘Not Women’s’ Business

Our interlocutress has been managing a business for 20 years. What’s more, she herself says that it is completely ‘unwomanly’. Valentina Kuznetsova manages a company specialized in gross sale of metal-roll in Neryungri, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

The enterprise cooperates with large organizations related to mineral production (for example, the coal mining Kolmar company), building of main Power of Siberia gas pipeline and others. Valentina Kuznetsova has to deal with great responsibility because her work is related to improving not only her region, but the whole country as well. It’s necessary to say that for years of hard work she satisfied all expectations of her solid clients and became successful.

Valentina Kuznetsova marked that modern women don’t meet limits when choosing a field of business they are about to start. They often break stereotypes and handle even those difficult entrepreneurial projects that are considered to be ‘manly’. The ladies realize their potential successfully even in large-scale industry.

However, Valentina Kuznetsova emphasized that ‘womanly’ approach in business is completely different from a ‘manly’ one. According to her opinion, the ladies take every doing as true housewives, smart and responsibly. Besides, they often take their duties seriously, always try to find the core of the problem and solve it at once.

Valentina Kuznetsova, a successful woman chief in a ‘not womanly’ sphere of work advised all beginning women entrepreneurs to always believe in themselves, be brave, and use any opportunities for self-development and realization of their potential.


Sincere Election Campaign

Valentina Kuznetsova is a very sociable, purposeful, and active person who lives a dynamic life. She was a leader of party organization, always helped those who needed it, took part in the city’s life, and worked with social business. Our interlocutress said that she is a teacher of chemistry and biology by education. This profession helped her maintain relationships with many interesting people who inspired and helped her since then.

In 2012, Valentina Kuznetsova made a nomination to become the city’s mayor. She paid much attention to the role of women in politics in her election campaign. The candidate marked that modern women are ready not only to tell things, but also to act. Valentina Kuznetsova’s election campaign had a sincere slogan: ‘I give my heart to the people of my hometown!’.

It is true that Valentina Kuznetsova puts her soul into her deeds aimed to help people around. She has been supporting pensioners and disabled persons for many years, as well as providing sources for sports institutions. She is sure that whatever kinds of achievements an entrepreneur can gain, one shouldn’t focus his attention only at money and power. It’s necessary to improve one’s human qualities and choose correct moral and mental guides.


Women’s ‘not business’

Valentina Kuznetsova pays much attention to the idea of creating a private home for elderly people, a geriatric centre. This is a place where primarily elderly and disabled people, as well as others vulnerable sectors could secure assistance at a professional level.

Yakutia has many working settlements. That said, people there retire on a pension very soon, starting from 50 years of age. In the meantime, it is vital for oneself to be needed at this age, to get attention from people around. Besides, these citizens dedicated their lives to work for their hometown. That is why the deserve care and respect. It is important for them to, when retiring on a pension, live well and comfortably.

 Our interlocutress emphasized that her dream project can hardly be called an entrepreneurial one. She works and realizes it not for money. ‘This project is about life and future. The conditions of elderly people’s lives highly influences a common mood in the country, motivation of the younger and mature generations, an image of Russia in other states. It is very significant’, explains Valentina Kuznetsova.

Nowadays the project is at the beginning stage of development. Valentina Kuznetsova requested assistance and guidance to the regional government. The project got a big land property. However, there’s more work to be done. The development requires creating the building’s mockup and organizing the geriatric centre’s work. The main task is to find sources to realize the project. On one of the governmental meetings, Valentina Kuznetsova marked that large companies working in Yakutia, including those with which her entrepreneurship cooperated about metal-roll disposal, can participate in building the centre.

Our interlocutress is sure that the will to make one’s dream come true is already 75% of success. It’s necessary to say that she herself thinks about creating the centre all the time. It means that she will make it. By the way, all citizens of the region believe in Valentina Kuznetsova’s success because this purposeful and active woman is a source of inspiration for them. According to the interlocutress’ words, it is one more argument that she simply can’t let them down.

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s  Community

Translated by Irina Nikishina