Most Rewarding Job

Most Rewarding Job

Why is it worth doing social entrepreneurship? 

For Russia, social entrepreneurship is a developing sphere. That activity became Olga Kondrashova’s vocation. She opened an assisted living facility. Her project has developed swiftly within a short time. Ms. Kondrashova shared about why it is important for her to do social entrepreneurship and what pros and cons the sphere has. 

lga Kondrashova - Head of Samara’s ‘Harmony’ assisted living facility 

Harmony opened in Samara 18 months ago. It was initially designed for the elderly. Today, the facility has around 70 people. Those are not only senior citizens, but also people lived through complicated surgeries, illnesses, injuries, and those needing rehabilitation as well as stretcher cases. Facility specialists take care of them, help addressing everyday issues, and, most importantly, teach them to live for pleasure regardless of age and health problems. 

Olga Kondrashova shared: “It is essential for us to make the life of our guests worthy, provide them with care and attention, encourage their interest in life, and give them an opportunity to communicate and live a full life.” 


Ms. Kondrashova said one of her main achievements is that in a year and a half, Harmony has become a recognisable brand within Samara. Many citizens of the city not only know about the assisted living facility, but also speak highly and sincerely of it. Besides, Harmony recently opened its second pavilion in Samara. 

Olga Kondrashova commented: “We have managed to create a truly comfortable environment. We never stop developing and being receptive to what our clients want. It is nice to know Harmony became an oasis for the elderly and those in need of care.” 

Social entrepreneurship is challenging. It is a new phenomenon in Russia, and its legal framework is only developing. However, Ms. Kondrashova is sure it is a promising field at the intersection of business and charity. Social entrepreneurship should undoubtedly develop with Government support, while social entrepreneurs should be able to use special conditions of doing business.

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“In my opinion, social entrepreneurship should have a woman’s face. This sphere involves love, understanding, warmth, and compassion. It is essential to share your soul here,” – our heroine mentioned. 

Ms. Kondrashova herself required some time to understand it. She is an economist by training, but her real vocation turned out to lie in doing good. 

“I enjoy my work immensely. Social entrepreneurship is a sphere that gives one an opportunity to do good every day.” 

Olga Kondrashova recalled how difficult and scary it was to open a facility and after that, its second pavilion. However, it only takes to begin actualising your plan that all the hesitation is blown away. The support of your like-minds is also important. 

Social entrepreneurship requires much effort. However, our heroine considers it a very rewarding job. 

Ms. Kondrashova continued: “Every day we share our heart with our guests and get much appreciation in return. It only takes a sincere smile or a grateful look at you to feel yourself useful to people around you and that you are doing something right.” 

Olga Kondrashova wants our society to change its attitude to the elderly and those in need of care. Moreover, the entrepreneur does everything she can for people to not be afraid of old age and accept it with a smile and tranquility. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov