Mothers, Peacekeepers, Professionals, and Leaders

Mothers, Peacekeepers, Professionals, and Leaders

Sehar Kamran about modern women

Women from different countries are united by the common desire to preserve peace and their longing for justice and harmony. They have special soft power and are able to contribute to solving global problems. Sehar Kamran, Senator of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is sure that the basis of successful development of any country lies in the cooperation of men and women and support of those who carry out peacekeeping activities and strive to equality.

Sehar Kamran - Senator of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, President of the Centre for Pakistan and Gulf Studies (CPGS)

As mentioned by Ms. Kamran, today women from different countries have joined hands to defeat and fight against discrimination. Women across the world are making tireless efforts to project their interests and rights, to demand equality. It is important that their voices are heard because they are the true and real advocates of peace. According to Sehar Kamran, modern women have necessary knowledge and skills and are qualified enough to participate in the corporate, social, and political fields and to immensely contribute towards development in all sectors.

“Women can help their nation achieve dream goals of sustainable economic prosperity”, believes the Senator.


Ms. Kamran quoted the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah known as Quaid e Azam (father of the nation), Jinnah was a staunch advocate of women participation and empowerment especially in politics. According to the great leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah, “No nation can rise to the height of glory unless its women are side by side with men.” In Sehar Kamran’s opinion, this is one of the most apt descriptions of the role of women in nation building and development of a country.

Women form approximately 50% of Pakistan’s population. Ms. Kamran believes that it is necessary to provide women with greater access to quality education at all levels to ensure their effective role in the society.

Education is the surest path to women empowerment and common progress.

Senator Sehar emphasized that contributions of women in nation building must be encouraged and recognised; as it is essential to realize equality and make them feel proud of their achievements. This is the only way to counter existing socio-cultural barriers of our society. Ensuring equal rights and status for women in the society is a two way responsibility i.e. both at the state and societal level. 

Governments of different countries won’t be able to cope with this task alone, they need support of the society.

In today’s world, women are recognised and respected not only as mothers, daughters, and wives but also as entrepreneurs, community leaders, and active citizens.

As mentioned by Ms. Kamran, the society and authority still have a lot to do to eliminate discrimination against women in the world. The Senator called upon her colleagues from different countries and young men and women to continue their work. The day is not far when women will stand with their highest esteem and dignity in the human struggle for a better world.

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov