Moving Together and Preserving National Identity

Moving Together and Preserving National Identity

Bettina Pfleiderer about the creation of the World Association of Women – Regional Leaders 

A discussion titled ‘Female Governors: Strategy for Regional Performance and Growth’ took place as part of the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum. The participants of the meeting paid attention to the necessity to create an association as a constant dialogue platform for women who are regional leaders. The session’s moderator highlighted the importance to build on the experience of the existing major international organisations. Bettina Pfleiderer shared her opinion on the topic discussed. 

Bettina Pfleiderer - President of the Medical Women´s International Association (MWIA), Professor, the Federal Republic of Germany 

According to Ms. Pfleiderer, it is extremely important today to strengthen the bonds between regions and countries to exchange in-depth knowledge and experiences by implementing different projects. Creation of a World Association of Women – Regional Leaders will be an important step towards that goal.

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Bettina Pfleiderer believes that women from different countries will be able to address many problems by joining forces. They all share similar spiritual values and principles. Still, any woman has her own individual view of things. Thus, it is important that even though they work closely together they still preserve their national identities. 

“Young people should certainly be involved in activities of the association. This will help make changes sustainable. Young women and men will understand the direction they should move to create a better world”, says Ms. Pfleiderer. In addition, young people are less susceptible to stereotypes. They can bring fresh ideas to the association. 

Bettina Pfleiderer believes that the association should be a mixture of young, creative, active people and experienced leaders. 

The President of the Medical Women´s International Association proposed to conduct research that would identify similar problems and relevant topics in different regions. This will allow developing projects, which are of high importance, because they will be useful for a number of regions at the same time. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov