A big part of experts of Lomonosov Moscow State University will take part in the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum. This will help reinforce the content of the discussion platforms planned for the event. The Federation Council held a meeting dedicated to the Forum’s preparation. Discussion of participation of the Economic Faculty of Moscow State University in the forthcoming event took place as part of the meeting. Professor Tatyana Razumova, Doctor of Economics and Head of Department of Labour and Personnel Economics at MSU, shared more information on the subject. 

“It was important for me to understand how our faculty, expert community, teachers, and students could contribute to the Forum’s agenda, how we can enlarge the event’s content, what initiatives we can support and propose”, she commented. 

According to Tatyana Razumova, the Forum will address issues regarding the advancement of women's employment in the labor market, the development of women's entrepreneurship, the opportunities offered to women by the digital economy, etc. The MSU Economic Faculty is ready to actively participate in the discussion of all the topics mentioned, to make presentations and present reports based on expert studies in these areas. 

The Economic Faculty of Moscow State University consists of over 20 departments. As stressed by the speaker, most teachers of the Moscow State University are traditionally women, but men will also take part in the Forum. Experts to join this event will be selected on the basis of their professionalism. 

“We have specialists in employment and personnel management, demography and population, ecology and agroeconomics, entrepreneurship and other fields on the Forum’s agenda. They will be happy to take part in the discussion of these topics”, said Tatyana. 

According to the speaker, the issues related to the role of women in the economy are interesting to both teachers and students of the faculty. The fact that they often choose similar topics for their author's research makes that clearly seen. By the way, students will also take part in the preparation of the Forum. Young people will be able to help in organisational issues and become volunteers at the upcoming event. 

Professor Tatyana Razumova thinks that modern economy can’t be imagined without women's participation. Women are very active in this field. Today, women have access to education and jobs. Nevertheless, there are still some obstacles to career development. That is why it is so important to create conditions for women to successfully combine family and professional obligations and upbringing of the younger generation. Russia’s economy will only benefit from women successfully and productively realizing their potential. 

Speaking about the role of women in society, Tatyana Razumova stresses that they contribute greatly to preserving human health. In her opinion, this topic also deserves much attention. Women not only give life to new people, but also take care of close people and their health. In particular, they try to provide their families with healthy food, combat unhealthy habits, and strive to rationally organise free time. It is important for them to maintain harmony and well-being not only in their family, but also in society. Today, it is important to talk about all this more often and louder. 

Tatyana addressed to all Russian women and congratulated them on New 2018 Year. She wished them to be in harmony with themselves and the world, always be loved and receive support from close people, and most importantly, appreciate what they have. The speaker believes that if we focus our attention on something good, life will immediately improve. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov