Women’s association of SKOLKOVO regularly holds breakfast meetings for women students and women graduates of Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. They tell about their business projects, share professional experience and discuss topics of interest. Such meetings create friendly atmosphere. They are always accompanied by coffee and light morning meal. This time the participants were delighted with delicious and healthy breakfast cooked by Natalia Avdeenko, who is the head of Live Cuisine project and the executive chef of the same-name ecofriendly cafe.

Natalia told us, that “all our meals are cooked without animal products. In Live Cuisine we present delicious and nutritious food cooked in accord with healthy lifestyle principles. One of our main goals is to show people that healthy food can still be very tasty”. According to Mrs. Avdeenko, veganism is both nutrition and lifestyle. She told us the following: “I can judge by myself. I was born and grew up in Siberia, where many fishers and hunters lived. Many people eat fish and meat there. I ate accordingly and could not imagine my future life without those products. However, it happened so that I visited India and met people there who thought differently. I began to do yoga and understood that traditional nutrition is no good. In the long run I understood that veganism is a niche trend and very nice business. Basically you give people the opportunity to heal themselves with tasty food. I went vegan so I could check one old saying stating that your food should be your medicine. Eventually I felt such lifestyle made my body change and become lithe. I also became more sensitive to tastes and smells. Now I feel better, perceive space and age differently. Thus, I could not help sharing it with my friends. So that is how Live Cuisine began”. 


Many people think that those who lead a healthy lifestyle, experience lack of vitamins or microelements. That is not true. So as not to face it, Natalia recommends to combine vegetable ingredients correctly. Live Cuisine helps new vegans shift to vegetable nutrition and healthy lifestyle without any side effects. Mrs. Avdeenko told us, that “we tell about biochemistry of a human body, about how our organisms work. We show that proteins and all the vitamins can be obtained from vegetables”. Moreover, many successful sportsmen nowadays are vegans. They gain energy from that.

One of the most frequent mistakes new vegans make is that they keep eating unhealthy products, such as bread with gluten, cheese, white refined sugar, etc. That is unhealthy and many people stop their diets because of it. Natalia highlighted: “so as to avoid it, we hold so-called reset weekends which help people shift to veganism correctly. We do yoga there, practice breathing exercises and listen to invited speakers. It is important that we do not insist on immediate changes. Live Cuisine just shows how great it is to eat healthily and to be in harmony with your own mind and body. That actually works – all my friends and relatives are now vegans. They like to eat what I cook. Thus, I feel responsible for that and try to make my food delicious”. 


Vegan food provided by shops is not in wide range. That is why Natalia Avdeenko decided not only to learn to cook unusual and delicious vegan food but also to open a vegan café together with her husband. She told us, that she always develops recipes herself. “I always try to make my food original” – says the project head. All the dishes Natalia makes are the true masterpieces. She is an architect by education, so she cooks responsibly and creatively. In her opinion, if a cook likes what he does, people will taste their food and feel it. Live Cuisine project is being designed now. However, Mrs. Avdeenko is already working on people’s requests. Our interlocutress shared her plans to open a café in Moscow with us: “We already have a family business. My husband and I are sure that it will be successful and our friends would be able to join us”.

Natalia is the living proof of the “You are what you eat” utterance. She is energetic and rosy. She wishes us all to be happy, healthy and beautiful. Her cooking masterpieces will definitely help us with that. 

Viktoriya Ezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov