Why is it important to teach children to act quickly in dangerous situations from an early age? 

Natalia Sidorina designed a methodology that allows going through and systemising a substantial amount of data. Thanks to knowing it, the kids would be more careful to themselves. Our interlocutress is sure that to teach children responsibility and mindfulness is the most important thing in life. That is how the Universal Rules of Safety appeared. That is a methodology of promotion of children’s culture of their own security and safe behaviour. 

Skill of life-saving and reflexes 

The methodology is designed for children of school age. Natalia is sure that we need to develop life-saving skill from an early age. She highlighted that the Universal Rules of Safety differs significantly from other programmes of the same kind. Children not only receive instructions for action in dangerous situations but also learn the system of keys they can apply in different cases. 

The Universal Rules of Safety is an algorithm. By learning it, children would be able to orient in any situation, would it be a natural disaster, assault of dog, fire or anything else. 

Natalia compared the methodology to a mathematical formula: by learning it, you would be able to address many problems. She designed the Universal Rules of Safety the same way: by learning this algorithm, children would be able to orient in any situation, would it be a natural disaster, assault of dog, fire or anything else. It includes three main rules: 

·      Control the situation,

·      Estimate risks,

·      Act confidently, correctly, and quickly 

The children also perform special exercises and train to develop reflex movements in classes. Often people can’t think straight in emerging situations. It is difficult to remember what you learnt in books or in classes. It takes them some time to understand how they need to act. A person would act correctly by reflex in dangerous situation if he or she had trained their muscles (for example, to take safe postures). 

Children for children 

A big amount of children-mentors is the important feature of the methodology. The kids themselves work out the format, in which they present the information to their agemates or those who are younger. They make prop for lessons, make up games and exercises. It is important that every child is busy with what is interesting for him or her. 

The project allows children not only obtain the skill of life-saving but also realise their potential, feel their importance and value of what they are doing. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin