Natalie Kyriacou: “Forgetting your ego to save the green planet”

Natalie Kyriacou: “Forgetting your ego to save the green planet”

CEO of My Green World will participate in the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum 

In spring of 2018 Natalie Kyriacou was included into top 10 most successful female innovators under 30 of the Asia-Pacific Region, according to the annual Forbes rating of 300 young people from 24 countries. Her areas of interest are charity, ecology, and teaching responsible consumption of natural resources to the youth. Natalie will take part in the open debate ‘Women in Culture: Traditions and Innovations’ at the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum.

The company inspires young people to contribute to the charitable initiatives for wildlife and environment protection. Natalie Kyriacou says that My Green World is aimed at creating an educational and informational business focused on the Australian wildlife and its protection.

In a longer term, My Green World will offer free subscriptions for educational projects in the spheres that are in demand in the society. For example, the company plans to launch educational programmes for children hospitals all over Australia.

“We want to provide access to education for everyone,” Natalie says.

When she was launching My Green World, she was obtaining a master’s degree in international relations and working in the field of corporate social responsibility. She left her job to continue as a businesswoman and activist.


While developing My Green World, Natalie launched a mobile game application called World of the Wild. Its main purpose is to give teenagers and young people a chance to virtually participate in different scenarios of wildlife preservation. The users go through numerous adventures and exciting journeys of the ‘lost world’ and save areas that still remain untouched by the merciless technical progress and civilization.

Natalie says that at the first stages of the project launch she faced many difficulties: “I was working and trying to find money for the project. I sold my car and invested everything in the app.”

“For many years I have focused exclusively on the work. It is indeed a challenge to separate your ego from the business.”

Officially the project was launched in the late 2016. Today World of the Wild has 10,000 users. Natalie thinks that her global mission is to deliver educational technologies to the youth, because “it is much more important to expand children’s possibilities by finding out what they want rather than by just teaching them.”

Natalie Kyriacou is the head of the Australian NGO Dogstar based in Sri Lanka which is engaged in animal protection. Also she is in charge of the global ban on elephant rides issued by the Australian distributor Tempo Holidays.

Tina Stankevich, Eurasian Women’s Community Information Agency