Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

Global Talents: Creativity with Love

Chief designer Anastasia Orlova on anniversary of Global Talents
Global Talents: Creativity with Love

Today, social projects make up a significant part of the society’s life. It is pleasant to know that an increasing number of companies, universities, and individuals feel their responsibility and strive to contribute to improving the world. This trend influences the quality of social projects. They are becoming more considered, creative, and interesting. The young generation increasingly often joins their implementation. Anastasia Orlova is a talented designer who has been creating corporate and website designs for major social projects for five years already. Global Talents web-portal of supplementary education is one of them. This month, it celebrates its anniversary.

The project is supported by the Grant of the President of the Russian Federation on the Development of Civil Society provided by the Presidential Grants Foundation.

Орлова_А_T_E.jpg Anastasia Orlova
Chief designer of Global Talents project, art director of Patrium Summer School

The all-Russian website with contents and lectures for schoolchildren appeared on the basis of the Institute for the Humanities and Information Technologies (IGUMO) when Anastasia Orlova was its first-year student. As a talented student, she was invited to join the project’s team and work out the new website’s design. Shortly after that, she understood that the project became a significant part of her life. 

“You can’t carry out a social project only because it is the part of your professional duties. It must echo in your heart. The project’s spirit is the key value of this project”, believes Anastasia Orlova. 

Global Talents is a unique platform where school students from all over Russia take part in contests, form the website’s content, run blogs, and create the project’s unique atmosphere. Thanks to joint creative activities of organisers and participants, the website develops and becomes more interesting every year. 


Design with a Soul 

It took Anastasia Orlova much time to study websites for children and adolescents in different countries. However, she not copied the existing websites but worked out a unique design comfortable for children. She picked colours that minimize eyestrain, arranged information sections in a sequence suitable for young users, and thought through the website’s roadmap in detail. Anastasia Orlova’s characters loved by thousands of users from different cities of Russia became the main decoration of the website. Working out that visual design required much time and energy but brought her much pleasure. 

“Working on any project develops different skills. For example, social projects bring up the best human qualities”. 

Anastasia Orlova became not only the website’s designer but also a real friend of its users. She communicated with schoolchildren a lot to understand their interests and tastes better and know whether the website’s environment is comfortable for them. Children always feel such sincere care. Anastasia Orlova and other organisers always receive their words of gratitude and love in return. 

Ms. Orlova became one of the winners of the Volunteer Marathon held as part of the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum. 

Children and Creativity as the Two Sources of Love 

“I am very much inspired by communicating with children. We managed to bring together children with powerful minds, critical thinking, and kind hearts on our website. I learn from them a lot. This project becomes closer and dearer to me thanks to that”, comments the designer. 


Co-creation beyond regional boundaries and friendly interaction between participants and organisers is one of the main principles of Global Talents. 

Global Talents users keep surprising us with their talents, aspiration to self-development, and desire to improve the world around them. It is interesting that children not only take part in contests and activities of the website but also initiate their own flash mobs of kind deeds. Organising Committee of the website supports their initiatives. 

“Creativity and communication with children presuppose working on yourself constantly. These processes reflect who we are. Paintings of artists transmit ideas and emotions of their authors. The same way children absorb everything what adults around do and say”, believes Anastasia Orlova. 

Any social project requires great responsibility. It becomes especially important when working with children. Anastasia Orlova and her colleagues are role models to Global Talents users. The website itself is the ‘soil’ for cultivating young talents. The way how much attention they receive and what environment they interact in influences who they will grow into. 


Developing Best Qualities in Children is the Task of Adults 

Anastasia grew up in a large family. According to her, her mother has always paid much attention to bringing up children. “Despite similar environment we had we managed to focus our knowledge in our individual areas and fulfil ourselves in what we were interested in. As an elder sister, I’m watching the development of my younger brothers and sister with interest and pride”, she says. 

Anastasia Orlova’s sister is a school student interested in photography, journalism, and intercultural communication. Together with a team of active schoolchildren, she represented Moscow’s delegation at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. Anastasia Orlova’s brothers are finishing their studies at college. In addition to academic achievements, they achieve success in sports and win golden and silver medals for passing the GTO (Ready for Labor and Defense) programme PE tests. All that results from infinite love to children and careful attention to their talents and skills. 

“My mother is a hero. Every day, she brings up the leadership spirit, responsibility, love towards our close people and the world in her own and other children. She is a class teacher at a primary school. She knows from her own experience how important it is to bring up proper moral guidelines in children since their early age”. 

Anastasia Orlova’s mother is a role model and a source of inspiration to her. She brought up Anastasia’s interest to creativity fostering her talents and love of children. She taught her to communicate with the rising generation properly and explained the importance of the transfer of knowledge. Today, Anastasia Orlova herself delivers painting classes at primary school to help children fulfil their creative projects. 

Experience of working with children helped Ms. Orlova to understand: every child is talented. The main thing for adults is to notice children’s potential and help them develop it in the proper direction. 

Global Talents users are children who strive to interesting knowledge and can find explanation for even most unusual events. They cannot sit still and are in constant motion (not only physically). I believe that all children by nature aspire to exploring the new. Adults have an important task to support children’s aspirations and preserve and develop the best qualities in children”, believes Anastasia Orlova. 


Little Big Anniversary 

When creating Global Talents, its organisers wanted children from all over Russia to feel needed, believe in their own talents, develop their skills, and join positive communication environment. Today the website has a unique atmosphere thanks to the project’s team and schoolchildren. It influence the state of mind and motivates users to creative activities. 

According to Anastasia Orlova, much energy and love was put in the project over several years of its development. That made it possible to create unique environment so much appreciated by children and their parents. 

Warm anniversary congratulations from Global Talents users prove that the project is interesting and needed by the rising generation. 

“Today, I can’t imagine my life without Global Talents. For me, this website is a big number of contests where we are taught to think, write, fantasize, draw, and see our home cities from different perspectives. Many of us could hardly imagine that we would visit the Federation Council and Embassies of different countries. However, friendship with other users has become the main thing for me. <…> I would like to congratulate Global Talents on its anniversary. Thank you for your hard work, love of people, and the fact that we can visit our favourite website every time we want!” 

Yulia Bezrodnaya 

“Our favourite web-portal is a whole new world of opportunities for development! Thanks to Global Talents, we, Crimean children, had a unique opportunity to visit Moscow, the heart of our country! We made friends with children from different regions of Russia. I believe, that friendship will last for many years! Thanks for everything! You created a whole new world for us! We will endeavor to please you with our new works and justify the proud title of Global Talents users!” 

Ivan Prokhorov


“This website provides every child with enormous opportunities. It makes users spiritually richer. It gives us new knowledge, communication, contests, and many other things. I believe, every one of us can’t imagine their lives without Global Talents! I thank the organisers very much! There would be no such platform accessible for every child without your hard work. I am confident that Global Talents will raise many generations of young talents!” 

Daria Averina 

“For me, Global Talents is like a child whose development I have been watching since its birth. The project gave me valuable professional experience and loyal friends, influenced my worldview a lot, and showed me how I can contribute to improvement of our world as a designer. Global Talents became the first but not the only social project for me. I am happy that its story just begins 5 years after its birth. So does mine”, says Anastasia Orlova.

Viktoria Yezhova,
Global Women Media news agency

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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