Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

What Can Any Adult Do for a Child?

Celebrating International Day for Protection of Children
What Can Any Adult Do for a Child?

International Day for Protection of Children is a day having deep meaning. Today, in the context of the pandemic, it is becoming increasingly serious. How can adults protect children? Firstly, by filling their lives with proper senses and values, by bringing up real humans. Marina Volynkina, Editor-in-Chief of the Global Women Media, Head of Global Talents web-portal of supplementary education, Rector of an institute, and mother of a large family, reflects on what it means to protect a child.

ЕЖС__профайл.jpg Marina Volynkina
Editor-in-Chief of the Global Women Media, Head of Global Talents web-portal of supplementary education, Rector of IGUMO and MKIK

Protecting children means filling their lives with proper senses, life guidelines, and values, i.e. bringing up real humans. 

Protecting children means giving them good education that will develop their inborn talents and provide them with opportunities for fulfilment. 

At the same time, it is important to ensure that training is not limited to the banal memorization of facts. Education will be responsible only when it is aimed at developing the ability to think, create, and enjoy the chosen path. 


Protecting children means to develop intelligence and wisdom in them. Those two qualities together will transform a consumer society into a society of creation. 

“Raising children in the atmosphere of love, we instill inner strength in them, which allows them to create, gives birth to self-confidence and the desire to be happy. Adults protect children when they teach them the love for peace, their neighbors, their ancestors, and their homeland”, believes Marina Volynkina. 

The soul is the main thing that will distinguish a person in the near future from even the most realistic robot. It is likely that computers will replace many specialists in almost all fields. However, machines will never learn to feel and love sincerely. That will be the main advantage of human beings. 


Responsible education and proper upbringing are the most important values that children should receive from their parents. 

The modern world is going through the era of digitalisation, and it is important for the adult generation to remember that the environment largely determines the consciousness of people. The task of parents is to protect children from the negative information that deforms their personality. We must ensure that our children are in the positive information field, the right one. Each of us must first and foremost understand our own responsibility for the content we share with people around. 


“We have no right to say that we can’t change the situation and make the world a better place. It is possible to fix the situation using the force of our intentions, dreams, faith, plans, and real actions”, believes Marina Volynkina. 

It is important to fill our intentions with positivity and love for the world. Being the role models showing mercy, compassion, respect, and humanity, we, adults, protect the consciousness of our children


We can free the world from hunger, poverty, wars, and unemployment only when educated people with high moral and spiritual ideals make up the majority of society. By maintaining a balance between intellectual and moral aspects, we protect our children from aggression and negativity. This responsibility in many respects falls on the shoulders of women, mothers who fill their children’s life with love from the first seconds their life. 


“Appealing to all women of the world, I would like to say: dear women, give all the warmth of your heart to your children, try to fill their lives with love to the brim. Your unconditional and sincere maternal love can work wonders so that children will never feel pain, fear, anger, and horror”. 

Viktoria Yezhova, Global Women Media news agency

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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